20 Winsome Tiki Torch Ideas That’ll Make You Travel to A Vintage Era!

Thanks to the modern houses and the rushing city life, everyone today has got a whole spectrum of lighting options for their space. But, the magic of tiki torches that take us back to the world of antiquities is simply incomparable. Pay a tribute to the vintage idea of lighting with these winsome tiki torch ideas.

best Tiki Torch Ideas

1. DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Who knew those vintage looking wine bottles can be used as gorgeous lighting and also an effective solution towards the all time mosquito problem. You just need to grab the bottles lying in the cabinets and fill them with decoration pebbles along with the tiki fuel. Put the wick and light the torches, you are now ready to combat the mosquitos in style.

Details : redeemyourground

2. DIY Mason Jar Tiki Torches

DIY Mason Jar Tiki Torches

Mason jars are the most versatile item as they can be transformed to any kind of repurposed decor piece. You can choose from different colored mason jars that makes them even more rustic and vintage. All you have to do is install the wick in the jars and fill them with tiki fuel. Once lit, the perfect torches will be ready.

Details : thefrugalhomemaker

3. DIY Mosquito Repellent Lanterns

DIY Mosquito Repellent Lanterns

For the perfect antique vibe, you can choose from a variety of vintage looking bottles, whiskey bottles or vases. You can spray paint the bottles with more rustic colors or just leave them with their natural look. These torches are some inexpensive, super cool looking lanterns that will help you enjoy the summer without the mosquitoes bothering you!

Details : yeahvintage

4. Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

If you have a couple of beautiful clear wine bottles after that sunday evening brunch, then you can convert those bottles to pretty tiki torches. Grab bunches of crafting pebbles and fill the bottles with the pebbles, as they keep the bottles intact and also work up as gorgeous decor.

Details : armchairsommelier

5. Tiki Torch Tree

Tiki Torch Tree

Switch from the regular placement of wine bottle tiki torches and make a beautiful and rustic looking tree out of copper pipes. You just have to put each torch can at the end of the stems of the copper tree and insert the copper tree in a pot with crafting pebbles. The idea here will surely be the showstopper in your decor.

Details : instructables

6. Brighten up your Outside Space with Tiki Planters

Brighten up your Outside Space with Tiki Planters

Tiki torch Planters add an enchanting bit of ambiance to your parties and bring out a more natural look than normal lighting does. The tiki torches can be planted in a large planter along with various plants that add charms to the look. These torches make the entire setting rustic and beautify it even more.

Details : thegardeningcook

7. DIY Tiki Torches in Glass Bottles

DIY Tiki Torches in Glass Bottles

If you have got lots of glass bottles lying around in your basement area and also need some solution to keep those mosquitos and bugs away while you freely enjoy your outdoor time, then grab those bottles and make your very own tiki torches. You just need to fill the bottles with pebbles or small stones for added decor followed by filling the fuel. Light the wick and they are ready for your backyard.

Details : hometalk

8. DIY Industrial Style Tiki Torch

DIY Industrial Style Tiki Torch

Blend the mason jar tiki torches with the industrial style pole lighting and create this rustic looking torch. You just have to attach a metal cage to an industrial pole and put a mason jar in the cage. Fill the jar with fuel and light the wick. This idea here helps to keep the jars away from tossing over stuff and can be moved easily.

Details : pneumaticaddict

9. Tuna Can Lantern

Tuna Can Lantern

Give a completely antique and vintage appeal to your backyard setting with these gorgeous and easy to make tuna can tiki torches that come with a good number of variations. You just have to attach the tuna can to an old stick and put a candle inside. You can cover the lantern with different options like a vase, a wine glass, etc.

Details : inmyownstyle

10. Light Bulb Lamp

Light Bulb Lamp

Why use a light bulb in a regular way when you can transform it to an all new tiki torch. All you have to do is completely clean the light bulb and put the wick inside the bulb. Just fill the bulb with fuel and your little light bulb tiki torch will be ready to be placed in any corner of your house.

Details : instructables