20 Winsome Tiki Torch Ideas That’ll Make You Travel to A Vintage Era!

Thanks to the modern houses and the rushing city life, everyone today has got a whole spectrum of lighting options for their space. But, the magic of tiki torches that take us back to the world of antiquities is simply incomparable. Pay a tribute to the vintage idea of lighting with these winsome tiki torch ideas.

11. Vintage Stand Citronella Oil Burners

Vintage Stand Citronella Oil Burners

A vintage themed metal stand looks elegant when paired with two rustic looking containers loaded with citronella oil. Perfect for adding some light to the yard or garden, this one works equally well for keeping bugs and insects away from your precious plants. Minimalism comes into play at its best!

Details : backyardcity

12. Reuse Old Wine Bottles As Incredibly Cute Tiki Torches

Reuse Old Wine Bottles As Incredibly Cute Tiki Torches

Why throw away those empty wine and beer bottles, when you can turn them into kick-ass tiki torches that will wow everyone. Wine bottles are perfect for rustic decor and this piece here is the perfect example for vintage. The rope wrapped around the bottle adds charms to the look and makes it complete.

Details : buzzfeed

13. How To Make Beer and Wine Tiki Torches

The DIY tiki torches are quite simple and easy to put together and require only a few materials. A glass bottle, some sand or decorative stones, fuel and a wick is all you need to make those rustic torches. Fill the bottle with sand and some stones so that the bottle stays in place, move ahead by filling the fuel and putting the wick in the bottle.

Details : youtube

14. Moltov Tiki Torch

Moltov Tiki Torch

Tiki torches are one of the best source of light and they come with a added benefit of keeping the bugs at bay from all those outdoor sunday evening brunches with your family and friends. Choose bottles with different colors so that they reflect a beautiful colored hue in the light. These torches are as gorgeous as they are easy to make.

Details : instructables

15. LED Tiki Torch

LED Tiki Torch

Add your personal touch to a regular tiki torch and customize it with a unique idea of using an old plastic bottle for the light. A water bottle filled with water disperses the light better than a normal torch that brightens up an area. You just have to remove excess thin wooden pieces that hold the light, once removed place the water bottle inside and its ready to be lit.

Details : instructables

16. Copper Tiki Torches

Copper Tiki Torches

Copper being one of the most rustic looking materials is perfect for tiki torches for that modern look. These torches here are pretty easy to make and add charms to any outdoor setting. The copper torches will surely be a show stopper for your friends and family, plus you can put as many copper torches as you like for the perfect lighting of your backyard.

Details : homemade-modern

17. Wood and Mason Jar Tiki Torches

Wood and Mason Jar Tiki Torches

Mason jars are all about cuteness and making a little customisation to their look can transform them into rustic looking pieces of decor. This idea here features such customisation made to the mason jars by adding a wooden slice. The wooden board also helps for attaching the hanging rope to the jar, making it even more rustic.

Details : thecountrychiccottage

18. Wooden stand Torch with Bottle Cap Decor

Wooden stand Torch with Bottle Cap Decor

Give an all new purpose to the caps of all those beer and empty wine bottles. The cuboidal stand for this tiki torch flaunts a rustic wooden texture, while having its sides adorned with colorful bottle caps all over. A black burner tops the stand sporting the gloriously burning flame with utmost grace.

Details : pinterest

19. Mini Copper Tabletop Tiki Torch

Mini Copper Tabletop Tiki Torch

These simple and great looking copper torches provide absolutely rustic decor to any table setting. Grab a couple of mason jars and fill them with lots of sand, as the sand will keep the torch from tossing all over the table. Just put the torches and once lit, the gorgeous torches are ready to add charms to your interiors.

Details : instructables

20. Concrete Tabletop Bottle Torches

Concrete Tabletop Bottle Torches

Why go for simple bottle torches when you can make a beautiful concrete stand to hold those torches with intricate designs or in a paint of your choice. Making these concrete tabletop torches is as simple as it is efficient. The concrete support ensures that the torches do not fall all around the place even in rough weathers.

Details : ehow


The tiki torch ideas rightly explain that these solutions for lighting possess huge capabilities of turning just about any corner around the house or the outsides of your space from ordinary to just so enchanting!