24 Valentine’s Day Home Decor Ideas To Win Over The Hearts!

Although, expressing your love for someone isn’t limited to one day a year, the 14th of February gives another reason to celebrate it at its best. Valentine’s day is surely a lovely excuse to decorate the house with some romantic elements and some pretty pastel hues of love. Get your dose of inspiration for the same with these awesome Valentine’s day Home decor ideas listed below.

best 24 Valentines Day Home Decor Ideas

1. Valentine’s Day Countdown (with Free Printable)

Valentine’s Day Countdown

Why stick to the 14th of February alone when it comes to celebrating the Valentine’s magic? Make the whole half of the month before the big day equally special by presenting your loved one with 14 different envelopes that work as a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day countdown. Each of the envelopes is made out of 5X5 inch square of kraft cardstock, and the flap is held together with a cute pink paper heart. While the envelopes here contain cute little love notes that are also available with the below link as printables. However, you can fill them up with small candies, movie tickets or your custom messages.

DIY Details : nobiggie

2. Heart Mantel Decor for Valentine’s

Heart Mantel Decor for Valentine's

Whether it’s a huge heart sporting red brightness around or loads of flowers – this mantel decor has got it all that dresses it up for Valentine’s Day just right. The author begins by placing pretty white vases on either sides of the mantel top, both of which house faux tulips in pink, red and white. You’ll love that romantic garland from Michelle’s that strings lots and lots of heart shaped cutouts together, sporting interesting patterns and hues in a coordinated theme. The shiny heart-shaped wreath hung in front of a large mirror looks absolutely splendid. Finish the look with some silver candlesticks and voila!

DIY Details :  adventure

3. Valentine’s Day Tabletop Vignette

Valentine's Day Tabletop Vignette

The theme for this tabletop vignette pays a tribute to how the author met her husband – going for a newsprint theme as they both met at work. Plus, instead of going for the regular shades for Valentine’s, this one goes for hues of grey, black and white to make everything look subtle and minimal. The typewriter seems to be writing a love message on the piece of paper that oozes out of the same. A large sign having a heart shaped cut out of newsprint sheet on the foreground is placed on the table, while a beautiful lampshade with a glass vase-like stand charms the vignette even more. To bring in the lovebirds element, a small oval-shaped mirror is placed on the table sporting the sculpture of two love birds in front.

DIY Details : attagirlsays

4. Upcycled Craft Idea : Valentine Tin Lantern

Upcycled Craft Idea : Valentine Tin Lantern

Repurposing goes hand in hand with homespun crafts, and these Valentine tin lanterns are a perfect example of the same. And the lanterns are worked up from old tin cans, giving them a Valentine twist with just a handful of steps. A drill, a bit of wire, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, some sandpaper, hammer, small nails and some paint are all that goes into the making of these pretty lanterns. Simple cans are attached to wire clothes hangers, further coating them with white spray paint. Use a printable pattern to stick on the can and trace it while drilling holes in the can. Some cutting and bending of a wire is all it takes for making the lanterns set for hanging.

DIY Details : brendid

5. A Valentine’s Tree

A Valentine's Tree

Can there be anything more apt for a Valentine vase than this pitcher that features bright red and white strips throughout? Coming for just a deal of dollar ten, this pitcher can be turned into a mini Valentine tree using a handful of supplies, including some card stock, twine, and a few branches. Not only will it make a perfect centerpiece, but also a great decor for the kitchen counter, the buffet table or the mantel. What the branches on this tree hang are cute mini paper hearts sporting a polka dot pattern on one side and a solid surface on the other, so that everyone can note down their love messages for you on them. The supplies you need include some baker’s twine, some cardstock, a few branches, and of course, a pitcher.

DIY Details : simplykierste

6. Love Sign Farmhouse Valentine Decor

Love Sign Farmhouse Valentine Decor

Those chalkboard vibe signs are taking the world of farmhouse decor by a complete storm, just like this thing of prettiness over here that would look equally awesome on the wall as well as on the mantel. The thick wood frame of the sign has got a chalkboard like surface in the middle, having the pretty letters spelling ‘Love’ hand-painted over it. The stained wood piece celebrates the natural texture of wood oh so beautifully. You can get vivid with the color of the stain chosen for coating the surface of the sign, while those whole an element of pop can also coat it with a bright spray paint. A wall-mounted shelf right beneath the sign is adorned with a glass vase, a few books and another table-top planter.

DIY Details : esty

7. Wooden Pallet Heart Sign

Wooden Pallet Heart Sign

How could wooden pallets not be on this list, when we are talking about some breathtakingly beautiful Valentine’s Day decor crafts. A wooden pallet board forms the backdrop for this adorable sign sporting a white-hued heart shape as the foreground. The thing that makes the sign special is the weathered texture and the distressed paint job performed on the surface, revealing the natural imperfections of the wood just like magic. A touch of sparkle is brought by a glittering golden bow adhered to the heart on the top left corner. The area around the heart is painted with pastel pink, finishing it off with ‘Love’ written on the bottom of the board.

DIY Details : pin.it

8. Valentine’s Day Craft : Round Love Sign

Valentine's Day Craft : Round Love Sign

The author here claims that stripes make just  about everything cuter, and taking a look at this super winsome love sign, you are totally going to agree with her. What you are going to need to begin with the project is a round piece of wood, some painter’s tape, some craft paint in white and cameo blush by Fork Art, some gold spray paint, and a love stencil that you can create yourself or purchase from Etsy. Once you have painted the alternating pink and white stripes on the board using some vinyl and transfer paper, bright gold goes for working up ‘love’ with the help of the stencil and voila!

DIY Details : landeeseeland