24 Valentine’s Day Home Decor Ideas To Win Over The Hearts!

Although, expressing your love for someone isn’t limited to one day a year, the 14th of February gives another reason to celebrate it at its best. Valentine’s day is surely a lovely excuse to decorate the house with some romantic elements and some pretty pastel hues of love. Get your dose of inspiration for the same with these awesome Valentine’s day Home decor ideas listed below.

9. DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

DIY Valentine's Day Decorations

Not just an awesome piece of decor to make Valentine’s special, but this one also doubles up as a gloriously romantic gift for your loved one. This easy to make project has got a glass bottle as its building blocks, which is spruced up for the romantic season with a few tweaks and twists. You are going to need a can of solid white spray paint, a roll of double sided tape, a couple sheets of double sided colored paper, and a perforator. You start by painting the bottles and punching holes into the colored paper. Further, wrap tape around them and sprinkle the paper punches around the same. Your table centerpiece is decor-ready!

DIY Details : goodiy

10. Love Valentine Wooden Letter Home Decor

Love Valentine Wooden Letter Home Decor

There’s something about 3 dimensional home decorations that make them add so much more life to the whole space. And spelling Love with 3D letters couldn’t get any more prettier than this vintage-inspired project. The wooden letters can be easily purchased from the Dollar Store or Michelle’s, and the other supplies you need to gather for the craft are some decorative paper in different patterns, and some glue. All you need to do is adhere patterned paper to the letters, and sand the surface a bit to achieve an old worn out appeal to the whole piece. String the letters together and hang on the wall.

DIY Details : díyhomer

11. Valentine Wreath

Valentine Wreath

The first thing that strikes the mind when someone mentions Valentine gifting is bright red fragrant roses, or some pretty heart shaped presents. How about combining the two in one single idea of creativity that decorates your home with an extra dose of love. Here’s a glorious paper wreath that’s all about some cutting and crinkling and rolling and hot glue gun gluing. It’s actually loads of paper folding roses clubbed together to form a heart wreath. You are going to need some red tissue paper, a cardboard, some hot glue gun, a white satin ribbon and some red paint. A Loop of ribbon goes for hanging the wreath on the door or wall.

DIY Details : itallstarted

12. Burlap and Lace Heart Banner

Burlap and Lace Heart Banner

If you are looking out for a Valentine decor that can last round the year without looking over the top or being vulnerable to damage over time – this easy to make, beautifully rustic burlap and lace heart banner is all you need to check out. Perfect for a contemporary as well as farmhouse home, this one is whipped up using some sheets of burlap, some twine, jute, some cotton, lace and some thread. The banner features classic red and white gingham fabric hearts on each of the burlap flag, having the hearts hand-cut and sewn to the flags. It’s going to be apt and appropriate for lining the edge of the mantel or simply to adorn the front door for a warm welcome.

DIY Details : esty

13. Valentine Yarn Pom Pom Garland

Valentine Yarn Pom Pom Garland

If you too, can’t seem to have enough of pom poms just like us, here’s something to delight you to the core. A beautiful pom pom garland all about the idea of pastel and soft, this one features a combo of baby pink and bright red, complemented by the addition of fluffy white ones. White the garland here has been used to charm up a chalkboard for the big day, it’s totally a matter of your whims when it comes to the spot of display. The chief supply here is loads of fluffy yarn in the recommended colors, a pair of scissors, and string to club them all together. Get creative with the sizes of the individual pom poms to bring out variation to the whole assembly.

DIY Details : mynmeissinicker

14. Blooming Monogram DIY

Blooming Monogram DIY

Synonymous to delicate, this monogram is unmatchable when it comes to the levels of elegance it flaunts. And the credit for the same goes to the gorgeous faux flowers going in to the making of the letter, making it a one-of-a-kind 3 dimensional decorative floral arrangement that you can place on the table, gift to your special someone or adhere to the walls of the house. No matter where you employ it, it’s going to freshen up the space with its blooming prettiness. The supplies for the project are a hot glue gun and glue sticks, a pair of scissors, some fake flowers of your choice and color, a can of white spray paint, a paper mache letter and an X-Acto Knife.

DIY Details : lulus

15. $15 Valentine’s Day Door Hanger

$15 Valentine's Day Door Hanger

How adorable is this Valentine’s Day door hanger that doesn’t cost more than 10-15 dollars to get all set? Bright red and yet subtle to look at, this one calls for some red paint, 4x Dollar tree frames, a pair of scissors, some ribbon, a ruler, hot glue gun, a pencil, some decorative paper, a few large letter stickers, and a staple gun to get started with the project. Four different vertically arranged frames house one letter each, spelling ‘love’ and are held together by a broad ribbon running through the back. That large bow at the top works as the cherry on the cake.

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