19 Spooky Black and White Halloween Decor Ideas Celebrating The Classic Color Scheme

The duo of black and white when put together can sometimes, beat even the most colorful of combinations. Doesn’t that make the blend of these two extreme opposite shades oh so perfect for Halloween decorations, conveying the spook and depth in the most impactful manners ever. Here are 19 black and white Halloween decor ideas you must check out.


Spooky Black and White Halloween Decor Ideas

1. DIY Fresh Floral Moon Pumpkin

DIY Fresh Floral Moon Pumpkin

Flowers are not really something that strike the mind when it comes to spooky Halloween decor, but this one-of-a-kind decor idea adds a delicate touch to a table centerpiece that otherwise goes for a deep and dark black. A huge pumpkin is coated in black paint in a matte finish, looking totally like a dark night. But a dark night needs its moon, and this gourd is enlighten with a super pretty moon worked up with bright white florals.

Only a handful of supplies are all you need to pull off such fresh floral moon pumpkins, including store-bought craft pumpkins, some paper, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a drill and some fresh flowers. Once you make a crescent shape on the painted pumpkin and mark it with tiny holes, it’s time to insert flower stems into the holes to get the final thing of beauty.

DIY Details : themerrythought

2. Black and White Halloween Display

Black and White Halloween Display

Well-balanced in the word for this black and white Halloween display that keeps it all well-balanced in terms of the spook element. Neither does it go too gory or bloody in terms of its appearance nor does the assembly look all cute and light-hearted, and this is what makes it apt for a party where you are inviting guests of all age groups. Plus, you have got everything needed about Halloween here, including spiders, skulls, crows, and of course, pumpkins.

Some of the mentionable things about the display is that fluffy coffee filter white wreath placed on the mirror, the white paper flowers inside the black vase, the faux crows, the paper bats sticking to the lampshade, long black candlesticks with ribbon-decorated candles, and the white-coated gourds adorned with elegant ribbons in black yet again.

DIY Details : creationsbykara

3. Halloween Table Decoration

Halloween Table Decoration

Looking at a tiny shelf table as this one, it would be hard to visualise that it could end up as the base for such an intricate and awesome Halloween decor. The artistic assembly of so many different elements together makes the display stand out with utmost grace – of course, the combo of black and white is a complete winner. Lots and lots of different-sized glass bottles and jars are placed on the bottom shelf, accompanied by cute painted pumpkins, each of which sports a silhouette or message centred around Halloween.

The vintage golden-frame mirror on top looks all spooky with 3 dimensional letters spelling Boo adhered to it, while the antique candle stand and dry branches housed in a vase add to the essence of the day. We love the sign saying ‘trick-or-treat’ in bright white on a backdrop of black canvas that’s placed atop the table.

DIY Details : pin.it

4. How to Style a Creepy Halloween Mantel

How to Style a Creepy Halloween Mantel

The hue that gels up with black and white with sheer perfection is red. Oh yes, it also goes with the spirit of the day, and that’s why this mantle gets styled for Halloween using the three shades. The idea is to begin with draping a black sheer cloth over the display area, further adorning it with a bunch of spooky embellishments. Some of the chief ones are bright red roses, some creepy skulls and fake bones.

What lines the mantel is a printable “Beware” banner that looks like the text was written in blood, also going just right with the black drape. Another amazing thing is those easy to make creepy candles that have got dripping red candle wax on the edges that makes them look all drenched in blood, further placed on candlestick holders or on a stack of old books.

DIY Details : thetomkatstudio

5. Halloween Date Sign

Halloween Date Sign

The 31st of October is a date that deserves to be celebrated in style, and this Halloween date sign does just that! A large wooden board doubles up as the canvas for this earthy-looking sign, taking the cake with that intended weathered look and texture that it’s marked with. And the huge 31 worked up on the board marks the calendar day of Halloween with tiny drawings of a spider and a web signifying the occasion miraculously well.

The board is painted in creamy white and sanded to get a distressed paint look, and the digits are worked up in deep black. The bottom curve of 3 forms the seat for letters spelling October, while the top has got a spider web strung into it that hangs a spider on the other end. Finish up the bottom right of the board with a large spider web, and voila! Your DIY sign is ready to adorn the table, the door or the mantel.

DIY Details : pin.it

6. Haunted Mansion Mantel

Haunted Mansion Mantel

Transform your mantel into a kind of a haunted mansion this Halloween with just a few tweaks and some free-flowing dose of creativity. A large wooden mirror frame forms the focal point of the mantel, while a net black cloth drapes the lining of the structure. Installing candle stands and vases that house dry tree branches adds the perfect silent spooky night touch to the scene, and that skull housed in a glass jar looks oh so creepy.

You can’t forget spiders placed on random spots around the whole decor, and that sculpture wearing a black eye-mask for an extra mystery. Old-looking photographs or paintings complete the look, and the fireplace indulged in the same spooky essence add to the haunted vibe with more sculptures, white-painted pumpkins, spiders and vases. Learn more with this guide by The Design Daredevil to forge the scene by yourself.

DIY Details : thedesigndaredevil

7. Glamorous Yet Spooky Candle Decor

Glamorous Yet Spooky Candle Decor

Glamorous yet spooky – doesn’t that seem to be a hard-to-achieve combination? Not with these beautiful candles that are worked up for Halloween simply by placing them on metallic vintage-looking candle-stands, further wrapping the white pretties with delicate lace strips in black.

For the base, cover the mantel or the table with a soft white cloth, preferably, net or lace that lie beneath the assembly of the candles. Alongside the candles, this Pin also showcases a framed print wherein the silhouette of a witch in black flying on her magic broom can be seen, completing the scene with true charm. The Pin also shares the link that guides you through making black lace Halloween candles and spreading some spooky glow around the house, making the most of the black and white used for the decor.

DIY Details : pin.it

8. Black and White Halloween Mantel Decor

Black and White Halloween Mantel Decor

While the building blocks of this black and white Halloween mantel decor is loads of different-sized pumpkins, each of the other elements plays a wonderful role in bringing the whole setting alive for the big day. A long glass vase houses many small black and white pumpkins from Target, having oh so adorable striped gourds from Joanns rest at the table. The most special ones are black and white paint dripping pumpkins that create the illusion of black witch-y blood!

You have also got a cute faux leather pennant banner that’s actually textured paper resembling leather, further paired with a raw wood spider web garland. That Trick or Treat Yo Self painted sign is a sure-shot keeper, and is worked up using an old piece of plywood that’s first painted in white and gets the letters with the help of some vinyls that work as stencils for white letters.

DIY Details : thecraftedsparrow

9. Winsome Spooky Black and White Halloween Mantel

Winsome Spooky Black and White Halloween Mantel

Keeping it all creepy but with an element of cute is what this mantel decoration is all about! The wreath garland having each of the wreaths lying behind alphabets spelling ’Spooky’ is truly beautiful, and that bunch of wreaths put on the counter makes it all even richer. The three different wreaths not only come with varied sizes but also different textures, material and styles.

The framed signs work their magic, having one of them sport a dry tree of autumn and the other one say trick or treat out loud. The black faux crows accompanying the elements are creepy and scary at the same time, while the lanterns around the fireplace complement the whole black and white setting with a bright golden glow. Check out the below Pin to learn more about the idea.

DIY Details : pin.it