Chalk Paint for Beginners & Java Gel Stain Tutorial

Are you fond of adding new life to old or less attractive pieces of furniture? Some chalk paint and gel stain can work wonders when it comes to repurposing wooden furniture, stealing the show with the unique hues and textures.

Chalk Paint for Beginners

Through this incredible YouTube video tutorial, Christina Muscari shares with you the step-by-step instructions to handling and making the best use of chalk paint and some gel stain, while also sharing some quick tips and tricks to get it all done. The tutorial is a wonderful guide for those who consider themselves beginners when it comes to super cool furniture painting and adorning it with gel staining without stripping.

The super easy to follow technique doesn’t need you to be a pro and you can try it out on different furniture items around the house, or simply test the technique on cheap thrift store finds. And you are going to get some pretty awesome results every single time.

However, it’s always great, to begin with, small items when you give refinishing the very first try. In the video, Christina uses a table she got for free from a neighbor, but the end results the simple Craiglist table yields make it add instant farmhouse charm to the whole space.

What you are going to need to get started with the project is General finishes gel stain java, Annie Sloan chalk paint old white or a substitute paint like Dixie Belle paint fluff or Jolie antique white, General Finishes high-performance topcoat flat, some cup hardware, Purdy white bristle sash brush, some steel wool, tack cloth, a foam brush, mineral spirits, and a scotch pad.

While Christina brightens up the tabletop using General Finishes Gel Stain in Java, she spruces up the remaining body of the structure with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. The key is to seal the entire piece of furniture with a lovely top coat which not only adds a lovely touch to the overall appeal of the piece but also keeps the surface and the stain job-protected for years to come.

Learn the Art of Revamping Furniture with Chalk Paint and Gel Stain for Beginners!

Video and pictures via Christina Muscari

It doesn’t even call for any distressing to finish up the project, as you have already got a super smooth, modern-looking touch with the topcoat. Another thing to note is that the General Finishes topcoat also eliminates the need to use a final coating of wax on the furniture.

Christina makes the whole staining job look so effortless that it feels more like making a painting. You don’t need to strip the existing finish completely, instead go for some cleaning and sanding of the surface.

You will love the fact that despite being thick in consistency when sitting on the surface of the wood, gel stain still lets you see and feel the actual texture of the wood grain underneath. Plus, you can always use a gel stain to work up faux wood grain because of its thick texture.

To learn the steps in detail and get your dose of inspiration to revamp your furniture, it’s time to head to the amazing tutorial without a wait!