Check Out This DIY Rustic Industrial Shelving Unit That’s Portable and Super Spacious!

DIY Rustic Industrial Shelving Unit

No matter how many storage units the house got, it’s always great to have dedicate, space-saving shelves. And shoe shelves are mostly a neglected affair in terms of utility combined with a decorative touch. Comes into play, this magnificent DIY Industrial Shelving Unit!

The charming shelves are mainly designed for a shoe lover who wants to display and store their massive shoe collection with a dash of chic. However, you can use the low-height goodness to store baby toys, decorative items or anything that you want to keep with an easy reach of the grown ups and kiddos alike.

Can’t miss to mention that the beautiful shelving unit is totally portable, and takes minimal effort to get all set if you have the basic woodworking skills. The other prerequisite is this amazing YouTube video tutorial shared by The Rehab Life where they not only explain what all one needs to get started with the project, but also take you through the whole construction step-by-step, guiding with a bunch of tips and tricks along the way.

Gather a bunch of tools and basic supplies, including wooden boards in specific dimensions, floor flanges, galvanized pipes, steel caster wheels, a hammer, a small chisel or screwdriver, a sanding block, a paint brush or rag, a nice wood stain in your choice of hue, polyurethane, and some screws and it’s time to advance to the cool steps.

That distressed look and texture brought to the boards is a work of some heavy pounding on the surface done with a hammer, or poking tiny holes and scratches on the board using a tiny chisel – and that’s exactly where you begin the project with.

Once you sand the edges of the boards, you can coat thema with your favorite stain and allow some time for drying. Make sure you apply polyurethane on the boards to keep them safe from moisture. The pieces of pipes are arranged and screwed in a particular fashion and attached to the boards, further laying another board at the bottom of the fixed pipes and securing everything with screws.

More pipes are screwed to the second board, finally connecting the three boards together to form the multi-storey unit. Now comes the part where you make the rustic shelf even cooler and of course, mobile! Place the caster wheels upside-down on each end of the bottom board, and fix them into place.

The moment you flip the structure, you have got the fabulous end results impressing one and all. The unit can be employed to store all your shoes and boots in all the shelves, or you can introduce decorations into the storage solution by dedicating the top shelf to the same.

The shelving unit undoubtedly, would love even more breathtaking with a few tiny tabletop vases or planters going for some extra fascination, while also leaving some space for keeping other nitty gritty items. Why wait to rush to the marvellous tutorial when it’s all no less than a piece of cake to get done?