Check Out This Easy to Follow Method of Planting Garlic at Home!

Coming from the family of onions, garlic is one of the most common kitchen ingredients that work wonders for your health. Grown for centuries, garlic is super easy to cultivate for home-gardeners. And that’s why it’s worth it to check out how to plant garlic on your own.

Some even say that once you grow garlic in your own garden, you are never going to like the store-bought ones more than the homegrown varieties. Planting at the right time, and going for adequate water, soil and light is all it takes to get things done, and you will have super fresh cloves of garlic on hand in some time.

Here’s a fabulous YouTube tutorial shared by Home and Garden that takes you through the necessary steps it takes to grow garlic at home, while also sharing a few quick tips and tricks. All you need is a handful of supplies to commence with the planting project. You need some plastic bottles, water, some potting soil, a cutter, and some planters for later use.

First of all, you need to cut the top of the bottles to create cylinder-like containers. To soften the top edge of the container, use an iron to heat the cut edges of each of the bottles. Next, you fill the bottles with water, placing a clove of full-sized garlic on their folded top edges. Place the garlic-topped bottles in a nice well-lit corner of the house, and you will be surprised to see the cloves sprouting within a period of two days.

After 10 days, you will witness significantly long roots developing at the bottom of the cloves. Let a few days pass, and your garlic cloves are ready to plant in pots. Take a large container or planter, loading it with lots of potting soil. Now take the sprouted garlic and break them into bunches of fewer cloves that you will plant in the potting soil.

Planting garlic – A new method of gardeners

(Video and pictures via Home & Garden)

Dig small spaces in the soil and gently place the bunches of garlic, while keeping the roots and cloves entirely buried in the soil and the green stems above it. Now it’s time to water the plant thoroughly, providing enough water to the plant for about 2-3 months.

At the end of 2-3 months, you will have brand new, fresh garlic growing on the green stems! Simply pluck them out and let the cloves be a part of your cooking affairs. Another amazing idea is to plant the cloves right into the yard or garden instead of potting them in planters. Now that the fall season is right at the door, it’s a wonderful time to get some garlic planting going!

Of course, it calls for a little patience and time to witness full-grown garlic, but the fresh and healthy end results are totally worth the effort. Harvest the cloves gently by hand, while making sure you don’t damage the bulbs and the heads of the garlic. To learn each of the steps better, head to the tutorial right away!