This Stunning Assembly of Cinder Blocks and Succulents are All your Front Porch Needs!

The ease of maintenance and the budget-friendly element of succulents makes them a lovely choice for quick, DIY home decor projects. But this idea that places the plants in a bunch of creatively placed cinder blocks doubling up as planters is quite a unique take on the same.

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Cinder Blocks and Succulents

aCreativeTraveler is here to share a beautiful arrangement of cinder blocks adorned with equally beautiful succulents, guiding you through each of the steps one needs to follow to get the finished assembly – all in an amazing, short and crisp YouTube video tutorial. Not only is the project highly pleasing to the eyes, but also inexpensive as a cinder block doesn’t cost more than 1.5 dollars.

Just a matter of few easily available supplies are all it takes to begin with this marvellous home decor project. You are going to need some double and some single cored cinder blocks, a thick roll of landscape fabric, an adhesive, lots of cactus soil, and of course, some assorted succulents.

To give the cinder blocks a touch of finesse, you begin by coating them with a thick coat of primer, followed by applying your choice of paint to the surface once the primer is dry. Further, you cover the bottom of each of the cinder blocks with a nice landscape fabric and adhere it in place with a strong harware glue.

The next step combines work with a little dose of playtime, taking you to a real-life tetris. What you need to do is get as creative and vivid as you can and arrange the blocks alongside the walls of the front porch in a visually-appealing fashion.

Cinder Blocks and Succulents

(Video and pictures vide aCreativeTraveler)

Starting from the bottom row, the tutorial offers a detailed list of the block arrangement that has been used to work the prettiness up. Each of the rows are listed from left to right, laying all the blocks parallel to the walls of the porch they are against. Plus, some of the blocks are mentioned as ‘turned’, which signifies that those blocks are to be placed perpendicular to the wall. Some special blocks also touch the corner, or the middle of the whole assembly, while some take the charm to next level awesomeness by protruding out from the arrangement.

Although you can add your own touches to the arrangement, make sure you bring in stabilization to the concrete block planters by making the bottom rows larger than the top rows, further going for some protruding blocks in the bottom layer as well.

Once you get your desired arrangement pattern for the blocks, it’s time to fill each of the visible block openings with some cactus soil to make them ready for planting glorious succulents. Of course, you can always go for some other plants or florals as the colorful additions to the succulents.

Finally, plant the beauties into the holes, filling them with color combinations that compliment each other as well as the decor of your porch. And we can bet that the end results are going to make your guests super impressed with the one-of-a-kind set of planters that you have placed in your space.

Watch the video titled Cinder Blocks and Succulents and get your dose of planting inspiration right away!