Here’s a 40 Dollar DIY Barn Door All About Joining A Wooden Cut List Together!

Giving those city homes an endearing rustic makeover with farmhouse-themed elements is one of the hottest trends of the current times. And a DIY barn door as stunning as this one can prove to be a boon to get that done without a fail, no matter what’s the theme of your place.

DIY Barn Door

JP Strate and Liz Spillman of The Rehab Life share with you an incredible tutorial to build a DIY barn door right from the very scratch, that too spending no more than 40 dollars. And the finished pieces look like it has stepped out right from a country farm.

Speaking of the construction, it doesn’t require you to be a pro at woodworking and calls for just a handful of items to construct. Even if you are an absolute beginner and don’t possess any heavy tools – you can still bring the rustic barn door to life, taking a thorough look at the video that explains it all in merely 8 minutes.

Gather all the necessary supplies, tools and materials to construct your very own versions to this earthy barn door. You are going to need a few specific sizes of wood boards, some trim head screws, a strong wood glue, some wood filler, a sanding block, a nice wood stain, and some polyurethane to get started with the project.

Once you rightly measure and cut the individual lumber pieces that form the building blocks of the door, you lay them together to create a basic door-like shape, having 5 equal sized rectangular pieces form the chief board for the door, while small width pieces in the same length are placed on the sides and secured to the larger ones on both the sides.

The $40 Barn Door – Easy DIY Project

(Video and pictures via The Rehab Life)

Three more smaller rectangles go into the making of the border and the centerboard for the door, following the glue, place and screw technique yet again. Further, you need to attach the cross pieces on the door to work an X pattern by laying the pieces diagonally across the bottom half and the top half of the door – of course, making the necessary cuts and measurements in followed by gluing them and securing in place.

To get that beautifully finished look for your creation, make sure you fill all the unwanted screw holes with a good quality wood filler and advance towards sanding the whole surface and edges of the door once the wood filler has perfectly dried.

The thing which makes home woodworking projects interesting and looking-forward-worthy is surely coating the pieces with a glorious stain that adds so much more life to the structure and the surroundings. While a dark stain would be versatile and eye-catchy, it’s totally a matter of your choices and whims. Oh yes, the making of the door is complete already!!!

Why wait to get an insight into the details of each of the steps explained in the tutorial, getting your hands on the right techniques to replicate the door with true ease?