The Meaning of Picturesque is Well-Explained by This DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Tray Decor!

What’s the first thought that crosses the mind when someone mentions The Dollar Tree and DIY? It’s the huge range of craft stuff and budget-friendly items from the store that can be given an instant makeover to create some of the more picturesque things – just like this Dollar Tree Farmhouse Tray Decor.

DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Tray Decor

Whether it’s craft projects, gorgeous home decor elements, table centerpieces, storage solutions and even parts of DIY furniture, there’s absolutely nothing that those versatile Dollar Tree supplies can’t help you with. And this farmhouse-inspired tray decor worked up as a marvelous table centerpiece makes us back the statement unfailingly.

This YouTube video tutorial shared by Glue Guns and Roses shows what all you need to gather and how you can put together a applaud worthy and super charming farmhouse-theme table decor, that too with detailed step-by-step visual instructions.

A handful of more than miraculous yet readily available items from the Dollar Tree, including a large round metal tray with extruded edges, some jute cording, tiny glass spice shaker, a metal candlestand in carbon black, a one-of-a-kind clear glass candle holder, a wood plaque, a large curvy glass jar, and two beautiful glass bottles are the chief foundations of this stunning tray assembly.

First and foremost, the curly legs of the metal candlestand are removed using pliers and are replaced with the glass candle stand by adhering the two pieces with the help of E6000 applied to the rim of the glass. The combination of the two is further spray painted with a bright white, going for another coat of a golden metallic spray paint on the same.

A distressed paint effect is brought to the candlestick by making dabs of black acrylic paint at random spots throughout the structure. Some more dabbing with a hue named Classic Carmel totally transforms the essence of the stand into a weathered metal piece.

DIY Farmhouse tray decor

(Video and pictures via Glue Guns & Roses)

The centerpiece is marked by two giant salt and pepper shakers that are actually the glass bottles subjected to some creativity. Fill one of the bottles with salt, while loading pepper in another, closing both with regular salt shaker caps. The bottles are charmed up with S and P paper labels in black, glued to their surface.

Signify the spirit of the decorative tray with a tiny square-shaped wood plaque, brightening it up with custom printables and layers of Mod podge.

No table centerpiece can be accomplished without a cute flower vase. And this one gas got the glass jar painted with luscious white double up as the pretty vase, housing large white florals.

The final part is all about assembling the separate elements together to end up in a gorgeous installment that oozes farmhouse magic all over. The metal tray is placed on the table, wrapping the sides with several layers of jute cording to make it all the way more rustic.

A brown hued caddy housing the pepper and salt bottles, a bunch of tissue papers, and some spice jars is further placed inside the tray. And the accompaniments of the caddy inside the tray are the stunning white jar vase, the metallic-looking candlesticks topped with large candles, and lastly, the wooden plaque sign spelling ‘Farm Fresh’ with brilliance!