Evil Dolls to Spooky Zombie Hand Candles – DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Decor

Getting the house disguised for Halloween is not always about pumpkins. Here’s an awesome YouTube video where ClaCali takes you through putting together some decorative pieces ranging from ghostly candles to possessed dolls for your space, immersing it in the spirit of Halloween.

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Decor

The video begins with a one-of-a-kind candle that stands out with its spooky shape. Looking exactly like a realistic zombie hand, this candle would spread a Halloween worthy glow around your space.

To work up the candle, you are going to need some stick candles, a rubber glove, some liquid wax, a paintbrush, some red paint, and black paint.

You need to cut the candles into lengths that fit the fingers of the glove just right, further inserting the pieces into the fingers in a way that the wicks are directed towards the tips. Melt some wax and pour it into the glove, finally sealing it with a rubber band and leaving to harden. You can use a hanger to hang the glove so that the shape stays intact.

Once it hardens, the glove can be taken off, and you have got the perfect 3-dimensional hand candle, Melt some wax around the fingertips so that the wicks come out. To make it even more spooky, grab a paintbrush and add touches of red and black paint to bring out the impression of a decomposing bloody hand.

Place the zombie hand on the mantel and let the wax drip down the ghostly fingers while the candle burns during the trick-or-treating.

The second idea has got quite vivid ways to add a touch of creepy to many items around the house. Creepy crawly faux spiders are used to adorn lamp shapes, soap dispensers and more with some eeriness.

Creepy DIY Halloween Decor From Dollar Tree

(Video and pictures via ClaCali)

Painting the bulb of a lampshade black and placing a spider on the insides of the shade would do all the magic. A piece of transparent tape is all that goes into the idea, of course, you need to purchase some faux spideys from the Dollar Store. Or, send some chills down the spines of your guests when they reach for some soap – place a spidey inside the dispenser, filling it with clear liquid soap.

However, the scariest one of all is the evil baby dolls, that are actually a Halloween-perfect makeover done on readily available Dollar Store dolls. Once you cut out the heads of the dolls, simply coat them with white paint, adding the spooky touch with touches of grey and black that makes them look stone-like.

What makes the dolls look even more bloody is some red paint that’s used to work up faux blood dripping down the eyes and lips of the doll faces. Place the finished heads on a large candelabra, wherein you can also make a candle protrude out of the doll’s skull. It will call for making a hole in the head and inserting a candle through it – perhaps, the spookiest candles of all times!