Blend The Idea of Rustic and Industrial in One Single Unit with these Farmhouse Pipe Shelves!

DIY Shelves are another word for Wow because of the huge possibilities of adding your very own special touches of personalization to them. One such phenomenal creation is these Farmhouse Pipe Shelves that have got both rustic and industrial joined together!

diy Farmhouse Pipe Shelves

The project has got a vivid list of supplies and tools required to get all going with the construction. Speaking of the tools, you will need a miter saw, a drill and impact driver, a tape measure, a pair of safety goggles, an ear protection, a mask, and a tile drill bit.

Whereas the materials required are galvanized piping in different sizes, floor flanges, galvanized pipe tees, galvanized pipe elbows, trim head screws, construction screws, wood filler, sanding blocks, a nice wood stain, some polyurethane, a wood conditioner and some heavy duty wall anchors that will hold the shelves on the wall.

The construction begins with marking the right measurement points on the individual pieces and boards of wood, further cutting them into the smaller pieces that together form the building blocks of the finished Farmhouse Pipe Shelves.

Each of the two shelf boards of the unit look fine and fabulous with the sleek borders they are lined with on all the four sides. The smaller strips of wood work for the borders, secured to the shelf boards with screws and drill.

Making the shelves stand out with a distressed appeal, the intended imperfections are brought by beating the surface of the wood with tools like hammer or a screwdriver, further filling the unwanted screw holes with a wood filler and letting it dry to advance towards the sanding of the boards.

The Farmhouse Pipe Shelves – Easy DIY Project

(Vide and pictures via The Rehab Life)

What can be more fun than coloring your pieces of work? Before staining the wood, you can add in some extra smooth finish by the application of a wood conditioner. The tutorial goes for a beautiful dark walnut stain, but it’s totally a matter of your whims and choices to go with. Apply some polyurethane once the stain dries as making it last long is as important as working up the structure.

The rustic element blends in with an industrial dash when you arrange and assemble the individual pieces of pipe in two E-shapes with the help of screws, ending up in structures that you can attach to your shelves, making them mount-ready.

After making markings for the floor flange holes on the wall, you need to drill out all the marks using a tile drill bit. Wall anchors are tapped into the holes, placing the pipes and securing them to the wall using screws, and voila! The pipes are ready to place the wooden shelves across them, fixing the same to the pipes by using tube straps and more screws.

Display decorative items, vases and crockery on the shelves if you are planning to work them up on the kitchen wall, or simply keep some basic kitchen utilities, such as kitchen towels, holders, mugs or cups or even storage bins and buckets on the same. Of course, adding them to other rooms, specially the kids room or the workspace is going to end up in some equally enchanting results!