DIY Giant Home Office Desk

Your work space reflects your personality, and the office desk is perhaps, the most significant element of the decor of your office. If your style is all about simplicity with the idea of chic, this DIY Giant Home Office Desk is going to impress you for sure.

DIY Giant Home Office Desk-cover

It’s pretty obvious that a DIY office table that’s all about your whims and tastes not only will make you work and focus better, but also make those office hours a much more comfortable and cherishing experience as you spend most of your office time on the work desk. Not to mention, it will brighten up your office space like no other store-bought alternate can.

Here’s a fabulous YouTube video tutorial by TheSorryLife that showcase the construction of a gorgeous office desk that’s not only giant as it covers the end-to-end of a home office wall, but also a thing of an usually stunning design, that too while keeping everything sleek, minimal and totally functional.

What we love the most about this magnificently pretty desk is that it doesn’t go for regular table legs that lack life and vibe – infact, it goes for different types of stands on both its sides.

It’s amazing how the table stand on the left side of this endearing piece doubles up as chic office storage, because it’s actually an IKEA cabinet with several drawers on the front. What rests on the other side beneath the table top is an IKEA finnvard that works like a ladder-shaped stand for the table.

DIY Giant Home Office Desk – Video

(Video and pictures via TheSorryLife )

The table top is a combination of 3 individual thick wooden boards that are assembled in a pallet-style fashion to work the larger piece. A small slab of wood is placed between the table and the Ikea storage cabinet in order to make sure the slab stays in place instead of sliding on the cabinet top. The table is made more sturdy by adding a wooden slat support in the middle bottom of the table.

To enhance the beauty of the assembly and bring the best out of each of the elements, the table top is kept unpainted or unstained, celebrating the natural textures of wood. Once you place the counter on the two unique stands, it’s time to say voila!

Simply spruce up the desk with different decorative touches to work up the cherry on the cake. To throw more light on the arrangement, it would be a great idea to place a table lamp on the desk, while also hanging a lovely light bulb above. Couple it up with a comfy cozy chair and you are set to place your computer or laptop on your brand new DIY desk.

For extra storage, this one goes for a 9-section grid-like shelf that’s mounted on the wall behind the desk, a cute calender hangs on the same wall, while the coasters here are rustic wood slices that go with the desk just like magic. Adorning the desk with more shelves, photographs or table-top vases would add the final touches to the construction.