How About Spreading Some Magic Around with These Spooky Potion Bottles?

Growing watching and reading fairy tales about witches and magic, who doesn’t find those potion bottles fantasizing? How about making one and all wonder if you have got some Halloween magic going when a bunch of such spooky potion bottles grabs a spot on your center table or the mantel?

DIY Halloween Decor Spooky Potion Bottles

A super chic DIY Halloween decor here’s an arrangement of spooky potion bottles placed on a luxurious looking silver plate – all worked up by Tiki Tiffany in one of her YouTube video tutorials.

Although the project calls for quite a bunch of supplies, each of them is readily available at a craft store, while also being a budget-friendly deal. What you are going to need is some bottle label prints that go right with the Halloween theme, some Mod Podge, some spray paint, a faux skull head, a spider web, a creepy-looking black cloth, an empty beer bottle, different colors of paint, preferably, brown, black, silver and gold to bring out an old vintage touch to things.

The other major supplies include some twine, a foam brush, some tissue paper, a small paper bag, a few random shaped bottles, a silver tray, a hot glue gun, a pack of Spanish moss, a skeleton bird and a pair of scissors.

Tiki begins with cutting one of the printed labels out and sticking it on the beer bottle with the help of Mod Podge. She further crumples up a piece of brown paper to double it up as the bottle cap, wrapping a piece of twine around it and applying some hot glue to make sure it stays in place. For a little extra jazz, she wraps more twine around the neck and the bottom of the bottle.

DIY Halloween Decor: Spooky Potion Bottles

(Video and pictures via Tiki Tiffany)

The next one is a small candy jar that gets its unique, roughened up texture from a crinkled tissue paper Mod Podged onto its surface throughout. Even a tiny medicine bottle is made to look like its a magic potion holder – Tiki coats the outside of the bottle with a thick layer of brown paint that also works wonders to add splashes of color to the tissue covered container.

Advancing towards the lids of the jars, it’s all about covering them up with the wrinkled brown paper yet again, followed by wrapping and gluing some twine around the same. Adorning the bottles and jar with strange labels and wrapping some more twine completes them.

Indulge in some more Halloween bottle makeovers and you will get a glorious table centerpiece for your house when you assemble a group of such different sized bottles and jars together on a large silver tray. After placing the bottles on the tray, add lots of Spanish moss in the empty space, going for some faux spiders or a skeleton bird as the final icing on the cake.

For further details and the tips and tricks to pull off the project, head to the tutorial shared by Tiki and gain an insight to the whole process in a step by step fashion!