The Internet is Truly Adoring This DIY Industrial Couch Built Using Old Mattress!

Getting your hands on repurposing hacks wherein you give old pieces of furniture and other items as a stunning revamp is quite a usual part of some web surfing. But it’s only seldom that we find such incredible examples of trash to treasure as this industrial couch that’s built from old mattresses and some pieces of wood.

DIY Industrial Couch

Phil Vandelay wanted to adorn his house with a nice cozy couch, and instead of spending heaps of dollars on getting a regular couch from the market, he built one of his own – that too using some left over stuff! Not counting the tools used for the construction, the retro era beauty falls for just a matter of under hundred dollars.

Right from the very scratch, Phil showcases what all he did to end up in the finished couch in a fabulous YouTube video. And that he does with the help of step-by-step instructions so that those who instantly fall in love with his couch can also work up a winsome replica of the same all by themselves.

The main element for the recycling is two old mattresses that steal the credit for yielding the grand-looking seater. The spring from one of the mattresses is used to add some extra padding to the couch, while the foam from the second mattress is put to awesome use for working up the cozy cushions.

That thick rustic base built from reclaimed wood beams that Phil got free of cost goes miraculously well with the fluffy-looking mattress seats. The material that’s brought from the store here includes the steel tubing and the fabric used for the covers that call for a little bit of layouting and sewing.

DIY Industrial Couch

(Video and pictures via Phil Vandelay)

To name the major tools that went into the making of this uber chic piece of furniture, you need to use an angle grinder, a drill, a metal bandsaw, a speedglass welding hood, a track saw, an orbit sander, a palm sander, a jig saw, a hand saw, a multi tool, an electric planer, two cherries chisels, a pair of wire cutters, mini bolt cutters, and combination pliers. Of course, the detailed list of material and the cut list of the pieces of wood you are going to need have been elaborated by Phil in the tutorial in great detail. However, it would be a must to mention that the project is suited for those who have got most of the woodworking and hardware tools already on hand.

The thing that marks the couch with uniqueness is the effortless intentionally unfinished appeal that it sports in the arrangement of the individual mattress pieces that not only form the seating and the back of the couch, but also the arm rests on the ends.

Lastly, we couldn’t hold ourselves from appreciating the color combination that the couch dons. The deep grey mattress covers with the coarse texture were already fantastic enough, while the wooden base with its original markings, natural texture and imperfections built over time only make the couch even more spectacular!