How Beautiful is This DIY Mirrored Nightstand Worked up From IKEA Wooden Nightstands?

Isn’t there something absolutely splendid about mirrored furniture – not just in terms of the chic factor it oozes, but also because of how it catches more light into even the smallest of spaces making the room look much bigger. However, it often is a costly deal to buy such pieces of beauty, unless you craft them on your own – just like this DIY Mirrored Nightstand!

DIY Mirrored Nightstand ikea hack

The hack is to get super cheap yet awesome furniture from IKEA only to transform it into a brand new creation that reflects a personalized touch with just a little bit of patience, creativity and a handful of supplies.

That’s exactly what April Bee does in this YouTube video tutorial, wherein she works up glorious nightstands for her bedroom starting from plain Ikea wooden nightstands. The nightstands sport mirrored glass on the front of the drawers, being the ultimate focal point of her room.

Her ultra easy tutorial makes it a piece of cake to forge the luxurious looking nightstands at home.

Once you have got the nightstands, a trip to the hardware store and no more than $140 is all it takes to whip up two of such pretties. The supplies for the transformation include metallic silver spray paint, mirrors cut to size, mirror adhesive, drawer pulls, industrial strength adhesive, and plenty of clamps.

The first step is to remove the drawer knobs of the stand, further coating the outer surface of the same with a bright metallic silver paint to match the appeal of the mirrors that would be installed later. Make sure you thoroughly cover the bottom and the edges of the furniture.

Here comes the actual transformation, wherein you secure the mirror firmly to the nightstand using a super string adhesive, preferably a marble or stone glue that you apply in generous amounts on the back of each mirror.

DIY Mirrored Nightstands – IKEA HACK

(Video and pictures via April Bee)

Select drawer knobs that match the look of the mirrored dresser – ones with flat and wide bottoms would work best for the same. Going for a measuring tape and marking tiny points where you want to attach the knobs will help to get it done in an accurate fashion. An industrial adhesive must be used to glue the knobs to handle the weight of the mirrors just attached.

While gluing the knobs to the mirrors, take help of clamps to ensure an even amount of pressure when holding the mirrors in position. Also use some clips to place hold the knobs and the mirror in perfect place after they are stuck together, so that the mirrors aren’t bumped.

However, it would take about a day for everything to dry, the end results achieved when you remove the clamps and put the drawers in their place are going to be no less than enchanting!

Check out the detailed steps of construction as explained by April Bee to forge the process at home, putting together the perfect decorative accents for the bedroom.