Japanese Inspired DIY Modern Platform Bed

That feeling of hitting the bed at the end of the day is something nothing in the world can beat. And a comfy, soft and cozy bed is what we all want our bedrooms to be adorned with. Often, a cool-looking bed with a contemporary design is an expensive deal, but this DIY Modern Platform Bed works towards magic in a budget-friendly affair.

DIY Modern Platform Bed

This bed will make you adore it in an instant with the kind of vibe it can introduce to your space.

While this magnificent bed is termed ‘modern’, it actually is a cool take on mid-century/Japanese inspired beds, worked up in a contemporary style in a glorious king-size. And it’s so versatile with its design that going for a different set of dimensions only calls for subtracting or adding the difference in mattress size on the bed.

The trendy platform bed combining modern and antique together creates an impression of a floating structure, having the platform rest on super tiny loop-like legs worked up with metal. In a nutshell, the mattress rests no more than a feet high above the ground – surely a classy idea to bring to life.

This one’s is as easy to build as itself effortless to maintain. Just a few basic woodworking skills are all the construction calls for, along with a little precision when it comes to taking appropriate measurements, cutting the boards and fixing the individual parts together.

You need to gather a handful of supplies and tools to put together the chic platform bed. What you need is raw steel hairpin legs, a cut list of pine boards as specified in the tutorial, pine plywood, tempered hardboard panels, dark walnut danish oil, wood glue, kreg jig, some kreg jig screws, and doweling.

DIY Modern Platform Bed

(Video and pictures via Modern Builds)

The first and foremost step is to find 3 straight boards with matching textures, further sanding the boards before joining them together. When the beams are cut into the desired dimensions and laid together to form the basic frame of the platform, it’s time to add dowels where the beams meet.

Now you add hidden pocket holes and screws on the underside of the beams to make sure the different elements of the bed hold together with strength. Then the slots are worked up to allow for the 2X4 stretchers to lie in, followed by screwing the frame of the bed together.

About 10 wooden slats are cut to fit across the frame of the bed, attaching them using pocket screws yet again. Integrate a little more support to the structure with slats, followed by attaching the hairpin legs to the structure using simple wooden riser blocks. For the next steps, head to the amazing tutorial right away.

When you have learnt how easy it is to treat yourself with such a huge dose of comfort and style, why hold back to find the right size for your mattress and get going to build a well-suited platform bed for the same totally on your own?