24 DIY Play Kitchen Ideas Making Miniature Pretties that Look Surprisingly Realistic!

Looking at us preparing delicious treats, the kiddos often want to be a part of the kitchen affairs. And this is where putting together a play kitchen for them seems to be a must-make something. To get that done, here are 24 DIY Play Kitchen ideas making miniature versions of a formal kitchen.

DIY Play Kitchen Ideas

1. Make A Play Kitchen

Make A Play Kitchen

Want your kid to have their own kitchen so that they can develop a new interest and learn something different every day, create this pretty play kitchen for your kid which helps them to grow a new hobby. This idea is inclined towards a beautiful antique appeal featuring marble back board along with the simple tone of pastel green. The space is decorated by some vintage looking utensils like the tea cups placed over the little section on top and the kettle kept in the middle. You can add more pieces for decor and visit the link to have a look at the enchanting kitchen.

DIY Details : athomewithashley

2. Turn an Old Cabinet into a Kid’s Diner

Turn an Old Cabinet into a Kid's Diner

Get your old cabinet and transform it into a funky diner for your kids to keep them engaged. Add the small elements that make the entire idea for building the diner complete like installing a chalkboard on the front where the kids can write the menu items when they play in their diner. The vibrant looking signboard with ‘Diner’ mentioned on it adds the much needed jazz. The folding counter on the outside fulfills the purpose of a serving table for the diner. On the inside of the diner, a miniature fridge, sink and stove are also placed. The designer curtains are hung to complete the purpose of doors.

DIY Details : ehow

3. DIY Ikea Play Kitchen

DIY Ikea Play Kitchen

The beautiful combination of gold and white ever fails to impress, as in this inspiration the all white with gold accents theme perfectly makes the entire piece gorgeous. The marble contact paper used for the counter makes the theme even more charming. Farmhouse sink, pattern of tiles and the stove installed add to the chic look. The idea even offers a lot of storage options if the kids want to store some utensils or accessories for the kitchen. This play kitchen is a piece of beauty that any kid would love. For better understanding, visit the step by step construction guide.

DIY Details : jennycollier

4. Play Kitchen Loaded with Storage Solutions

Play Kitchen Loaded with Storage Solutions

Build a miniature kitchen for your children which features almost everything that a kitchen must have. This inspiration provides space for all the items that we keep in our kitchens right from a chopping board, utensils, baking gloves, vegetables, fruits, sauces, plants and what not. The structure of the kitchen is space friendly and there are a number of storage options present. Theme for the kitchen is beautiful and the contrast of grey and golden accents makes it gorgeous and rustic in the look. This idea is a must have for any kid because there a are a number of possibilities in here.

DIY Details : mymoxietude

5. Antique looking Cabinets to Play Kitchen

Antique looking Cabinets to Play Kitchen

Convert the antique looking cabinets to super chic and eccentric play kitchen for your kid that will also enhance the beauty of your decor and add an element of fun in your interior. Keeping it simple and minimal, the idea features a sink and stove with an oven underneath it where the kids can play by making fun dishes and serving them to each other and the family members. The multi-colored frilled cloth is hung on the sink area, that adds the pop of color in the otherwise single grey color scheme. Have a look at the link below, to get an insight on the kitchen.

DIY Details : lifeasathrifter.blogspot

6. Vintage Entertainment Center Turned Play Kitchen

Vintage Entertainment Center Turned Play Kitchen

Who thought that a vintage looking piece of furniture can be transformed to this piece of gorgeousness that is completely vibrant and chic. This cabinet provides a number of storage options and various possibilities. A huge chalkboard is installed on one side that can be used to write the menu or the kitchen lists and the inside is used to keep kitchen storage items above this a little oven is placed. The other side features the fridge which is lit just like the oven . The mid section is equipped with a stove, sink, a small window and a cute watering can turned flower vase. This inspiration is all about soft colors and beauty.

DIY Details : southernrevivals

7. IKEA Duktig Kitchen Hack

IKEA Duktig Kitchen Hack

Bring the best out of the old play kitchen and transform its complete vibe and make it perfect and suitable for your kid by just adding a few customizations. Grab some beautiful and vibrant printed wallpaper and a contrasting colored paint for the kitchen. Start by putting the wallpaper on the back of the kitchen counter and paint the rest. Highlight the accents by golden spray paint. Once completed, you will have an all new play kitchen for your kid along with your changes according to the wish of the child. Visit the link below to have a better look on the small detailings of the idea.

DIY Details : anchorsandhoney

8. DIY Play Kitchen From Old TV Stand!

DIY Play Kitchen From Old TV Stand

Put the otherwise waste TV stand to use and create a beautiful play kitchen for your kid with a lot of options. With just a little amount of your time and effort, the old TV stand can be turned into a piece of prettiness that any kid would love to have. The kitchen features a huge fridge section on one side where play foods can be kept and storage racks and drawers on the other where utensils and kitchen essentials can be stored. The stove and sink area of the kitchen is cutely decorated with a little window, some flowers and some kitchen stuff.

DIY Details : onacoldday.blogspot

9. DIY Play Kitchen with Minimal Design

DIY Play Kitchen with Minimal Design

The simple yet elegant look of this play kitchen idea steals the show with its granite marble top and the stainless steel appliances that are placed in the kitchen. The clever part of the decor is that the kitchen counter and the appliances are simply painted with the techniques that make the look completely real and formal. The look is kept minimal and the focus is kept only on the appliances in the kitchen that makes it pretty easy to use this idea for your kid. The single element of color is brought by the back of the kitchen that is adorned with the beautiful pastel green tone.

DIY Details : lovelyetc

10. Elaborately Designed Play Kitchen

Elaborately Designed Play Kitchen

This might be the best play kitchen ever as it accommodates an amazing seating area along with the beautiful kitchen where the kids can have their fun tea parties and meals decorated with a set of cups and a small kettle. The kitchen area is huge and the big light hung on top of the stove lights up the entire section intensifying its beauty. One side gives space for the refrigerator area and the other is used for the stove, sink and oven. A window is also put with a picture that acts as the gorgeous view from the kitchen. Have a look at this link mentioned below and start with your kids play kitchen.

DIY Details : timeout

11. Play Kitchen Under $90

Play Kitchen Under $90

Create the classy and metallic looking kitchen space for your kid that can be easily moved from one place to another as per the wish of your kid. This exclusive kitchen area is equipped with wheels on the bottom which makes it mobile. A lot of focus is kept on the silver steel utensils that compliment the color scheme for the kitchen structure. One cabinet of the kitchen is accommodated with a chalkboard where messages can be written. The light yellow toned knobs of the stove add the pop of color in the pastel themed kitchen area. Move to the guide below to know more features about this play kitchen.

DIY Details : 1dogwoof

12. A Repurposed Play Kitchen

A Repurposed Play Kitchen

Just by using a little repurposing and the old TV set, with a little customizations, who knew that such a beautiful kitchen area can be created. Let the color do the talking and keep the decor minimal, choose a vibrant paint as in this inspiration that magnifies the gorgeousness levels of the kitchen. A large section is occupied by a window with a picture stuck to it that makes up for the view from the kitchen area along with pretty white curtains that contrast with the bright blue walls of the kitchen. A section for the stove and sink are maintained on the either sides of the counter and a few utensils are placed.

DIY Details : suttongrace.blogspot