This diy rustic bathroom wastebasket with Bins from The Dollar Tree Are Farmhouse Magnificence!

You surely know those racks and racks of plastic bins and containers that take up a whole section at the Dollar Tree. However, one would hardly imagine that one such plastic dustbin from the rack could turn into something as chic as this rustic bathroom wastebasket oh so easily!

DIY Rustic Bathroom Wastebasket Using Dollar Tree Items

diy rustic bathroom wastebasket

Coming together as a super simple do-it-yourself affair, this rustic bathroom wastebasket is nothing but a glorious version of an ordinary plastic bin from the store, worked up with just a handful of steps.

Kelly Barlow Creations creates a one-of-a-kind bin that’s not only a plain wastebasket, but quite a piece of decoration in her bathroom space. And she does it all in a splendid Youtube video tutorial that guides you through everything you need to do to forge the project and turn a budget-friendly bin into an expensive-looking basket using a few readily available supplies.

What you are going to need to get started is of course, a plastic bin from The Dollar Tree, a Rustoleum flat grey primer that’s specially designed for plastic surfaces, a Rustoleum matte clear enamel, a foam brush, a drill machine, drill bits, some white chalk paint, some black matte finish chalk paint that you can also replace with acrylic paints in matte, and lastly, some rustic jute cord.

She starts with drilling two holes on both the sides of each of the handles on the bin, further coating the inside and the outside of the storage bin with the primer. Next you advance to the most fun-filled part of the makeover – the painting!

DIY Rustic Bathroom Wastebasket

(Video and pictures via Kelly Barlow Creations)

A foam brush works wonders to coat the bin with a beautifully rustic distressed touch. To get the weathered appeal, you take a little of white and black chalk paint in the foam brush at the same time and rub it on small sections on the bin, repeating the same until the whole bin gets covered throughout.

Once the bin gets dry, it’s time to coat it with a fine protective covering using the matte clear enamel. To take the levels of rustic magnificence to new heights, insert the jute cording through the holes drilled along the handles, making knots to secure the rope in place, ending up in pretty rope handles for the wastebasket.

Put together a whole batch of such bins going vivid with the sizes, shapes and designs of the bins you gather from The Dollar Tree – further arranging them together in one corner of the bathroom, dedicating each of the baskets to a particular kind of item ranging from those towel rolls and Q-tips to fluffy cotton balls and more!

The farmhouse country-themed galvanized-looking bathroom storage set with its weathered black paint job looks so versatile that it will bring charm to any bathroom decor unfailingly. Head to the video right away to start forging the buckets!