Make The Guests Applaud This DIY Sliding Barn Door That You Construct All by Yourself!

Having that exceptionally beautiful farmhouse vibe to it, a barn door is quite a chic addition to any contemporary house. And you don’t need to spend thousands on getting that integrated to the interiors of your place, as DIYwithRick is here to help you construct a Sliding Barn Door all by yourself through a crisp YouTube video.

DIY Sliding Barn Door

A specific cut list for the door frame and the header form the building blocks of the door, along with some pine boards, a sliding barn door hardware kit, pocket screws, brad nails, some bolts, a barn door handle, a nice walnut stain, and some satin polycrylic.

Speaking of the tools, you are going to need clamps, kreg jig and its accessories, a power drill, some wood glue, wood filler, a brad nailer, a power sander or sanding block, sanding paper, speed square, circular saw, miter saw, and a foam brush. Make sure you have the necessary safety gear including safety glasses, dust mask, and vapor respirator before you begin with the woodworking.

First of all, make a basic frame for the door using four wooden boards in the sizes specified in the tutorial or the custom options shared in the same, attaching the four boards together using wood glue and screws, further securing the center of the door to the frame and two diagonal cut pieces to the top and the bottom section of the door divided by the center.

Tongue and groove boards are attached to the door frame until you make your way to the end of the piece, trimming off any excess portion of the board. The fun part steps in where you apply a beautiful dark walnut stain to your freshly put together barn door coating the front and back of the door thoroughly with the same.

DIY Sliding Barn Door

(Video and pictures via DIYwithRick)

Once the stain is dry, cover the structure with polycrylic and advance towards installing the barn door kit into the door beginning with the casters, and attaching the plastic bumpers to prevent the door from being bumped off of the track.

The barn door handle is also attached to the door with the help of holes and screws made into the frame. Next, the header is attached to the wall, alongwith all the wall hardware that comes with the barn door kit to end up in a perfectly working sliding barn door rail secured to the wall.

And the time has come when you hardwork pays off as you finally slide the barn door onto the rail beginning with the first caster moving to the second. Last but not the least, secure the stoppers to the door using allen keys, as well as attaching the door guide.

To get the detailed instructions for each of the steps, refer to the marvellous video shared by DIYwithRick and you will have your versions of the home accesory in no time. The industrial appeal of the hardware and the earthy charm of the barn door would prove to be the sureshot focal point of your space!