These Four Dollar Store Christmas DIY Ideas are Absolute Farmhouse Miracles!

Christmas decor usually comes associated with lots of bright colors and sparkles, however, paying a tribute to the festival with some farmhouse-inspired pieces is surely an out-of-the-box treat for the whole space. This YouTube video on Dollar Store Christmas DIY lists four such magnificent decorations for you to forge.

Dollar Store Christmas DIY IdeasThe beautiful tutorial begins with a jingly wreath that has got a few rustic-looking bells hanging from itself to get that vintage Christmas essence for the front door. All you need to do is paint large store-bought bells with a coat of paint in a light brown matte hue. Next, you bring out a weathered texture to the same by brushing touches of white on the bells and letting the paint dry.

Tying a rope to the bells and wrapping the rope around a decorated grapevine wreath is what goes into the making of the hanging bunch of bells that are also knotted together, and voila!

Who wouldn’t want a few Christmas candles resting on the center table, especially when they are a piece of cake to assemble? Some glass bottles, white candlesticks and some berrylicious Christmas picks go into the making of the piece. The idea is to place the pick inside the bottle filled with water, adding the candle on top, and you have got a scandinavian X’mas decor all set.

The next inspiration is a luxurious 2 tier tray that’s actually built with two picture frames – 8X10 and 5X7, wherein you remove the frame and line the glass with a lovely wood contact paper, further placing it back into the frame. Repeating the process for the second frame and turning them into a 2 tier tray with the help of a pretty candlestick in the middle is the secret to this glorious something.

Dollar Store Christmas DIY

(Video and pictures via Hangin With The Hughes)

You can always make it a bit more charming with some white craft paint for a rustic touch, decorating the trays with pine cones, ornaments, some candles and pine branches.

The sureshot breathtaker here is the last inspiration featuring three tin pales rightly spruced up with the Christmas spirit. The other supplies required for the project include a few little Christmas trees and some extra branches, and some foam squares.

Once you place foam squares in each of the tin containers, you stick the tiny trees into the same. A beautiful snowfall effect comes into play on the tree branches with a clever brushing of white craft paint on the leaves. That farmhouse vibe to the pales brought by the twine wrapped around their rims and the kind of subtle shine they flaunt reaches new heights with the snow-coated branches.

To check out the detailed list of supplies needed to work up each of the projects, as well as to learn the steps of construction in detail, head to the amazing video by Hangin with the Hughes right away!

Best part – the decor ideas worked up with inexpensive Dollar Store stuff are an absolutely mess-free, hassle-free deals.

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