Dollar Store DIY Halloween Decor – Skull Candy Stand

A whole bunch of candies is perhaps the most looked forward thing about the arrival of Halloween. And a great party decor calls for a great candy display. What can be better than a spooky Halloween skull candy stand? Another idea to look for is a creepy skeleton decor that takes everyone’s breath away.

Dollar Store DIY Halloween Decor - Skull Candy Stand

In The Event with Karem has compiled a fabulously interesting video for everyone who’s set to host a well-decorated Halloween party this year. The video shares two different ideas inspired by skeletons and skulls. While the first one is a candy storage solution that has got 3 skull heads as its stand, the other one is a dark-themed decor piece that has got several faux skeletons assembled together in a spine-chilling fashion.

A trip to the Dollar Store is all that takes to get some readily available supplies and decor material to get the project going. For the skull candy stand, you are going to need 3 skull heads, a box cutter, a pair of scissors, a marker, a pack of skull cranes, some wire garland ties, some spray paint, a hot glue gun, a candy basket, and a plunger.

The first step is to cut two holes in each skull using box cutter – at appropriate positions that allow you to insert the rod of the plunger inside each of the skulls in a way that they are stacked on top of each other. Before actually stacking the skull heads, a skull crane is placed at the bottom of the rod of the plunger just to make sure there aren’t any empty or visible areas left to reveal the rod.

Halloween Decor / Skull Candy Stand

Once the stacking is done, you grab some wire garland ties and paint them black, further using them to add some finishing touches to the whole assembly. Specifically, they are used to line the base of the plunger, while another one forms the base for a candy basket when adhered to the top of the top-most skull head.

A store-bought candy basket is finally glued to the skull stand, and the assembly is all set to hold loads and loads of Halloween candy, working up a cool candy display at the same time.

The incredible video also covers a skeleton decor hack that has got 5 hanging skeletons from the Dollar Store as its building blocks. You are also going to need a scissor, a hot glue gun, some paint, a plunger, and some more wire garland ties.

This piece of spooky decor calls for nothing more than some painting and gluing to get the whole project display-ready. The idea is to mold and shape up the different skeletons is different ways – finally creating an illusion of all of them climbing and surrounding the plunger rod. While one of them seems to hold the rod, the other looks like its simply sitting with its back resting against the same.

To get your hands on how the skeletons are shaped together, without a wait, check out the whole video right away!