18 Fantastic Easter Tiered Tray Decor Ideas Everyone Will Adore!

Are you in love with the concept of tiered trays when it comes to putting together great decorations? The different levels of these trays offer so much space to work your ideas. And this collection of fabulous Easter tiered tray decor ideas is totally adorable.

Fantastic Easter Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

 1. Three Tiered Tray Loaded With Easter

Three Tiered Tray Loaded With Easter

Flaunting the beauty and the funky chic appeal of Easter, this tray arrangement celebrates each element that symbolises Easter. With gorgeously bright vivid color schemes put together, this three tier tray is a perfect centerpiece for a table decor setting. With various bunnies, faux nests, colorful eggs, huge mugs, florals and greeneries, the tray looks stunning and is sure to make a statement.

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2. Spring Three Tiered Tray

Spring Three Tiered Tray

For someone who loves a subtle and light decor, then this neutral setting is the right choice. Featuring the elegance of succulents, nests and the little galvanized metal pots, the three tiered tray is adorned with versatile Easter elements. The speckled eggs put in the decor also add to the cuteness while the nests make the arrangement look rustic. The touches of white brought by the mugs also compliment the white weathered look of the tray.

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3. Spring Galvanized Centerpiece

Spring Galvanized Centerpiece

Beautifully stacked up with vivid and bright elements, this three tier tray is sure to steal the show as it is filled with lots of eggs, birds, nests, bunnies and gorgeous tulips. The top tier is adorned with chalk painted mason jars housing hot pink tulips. The lush look displayed by this galvanized tray will make any spring decor complete with utmost beauty.

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4. Tiered Tray Decor for Easter

Tiered Tray Decor for Easter

For a minimalist, this tray setting showcases a simple decor as the tray is adorned with only a few items. Starting from the top, a nest with a faux bird sits beautifully flaunting the rustic appeal of the nest and the tray. The second tier is filled with some bright blue florals, designer eggs and a cute bunny. While the third tier comes with a bunny, some rustic items, eggs and a little vase.

Details : 2beesinapod

5. Spring Captured in a Tray

Spring Captured in a Tray

Featuring a two tiered tray, the arrangement is kept light and only a few items have been put for the decor. With white tulips, versatile jars and mugs a white touch is brought making the look elegant while the little faux nest at the bottom comes with colorful eggs bringing a pop of color with the sign that says ‘Happy Easter’. The huge bunny looks like he is protecting the entire tray and compliments the cuteness.

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6. Neutral Tones and Spring Elements

Neutral Tones and Spring Elements

Flaunting the neutral tones of green and white, the entire tray is adorned with subtle items like bunnies, mugs, eggs and nests. The naturally weathered wooden tray here makes a statement in contrasting with the green and white items. The greeneries in the little pots look super cute and natural symbolising the season of Easter and Spring. The wooden bead garland laid around accenting the tray also adds to the charm of the theme.

Details : robynssouthernnest

7. Tiny Fairyland Tiered Tray

Tiny Fairyland Tiered Tray

Like a little fairyland, this tray arrangement here looks like the home of the bunny family that stands on the top tier making the piece super cute and pretty. The tray is loaded with faux carrots, eggs with different patterns and prints, nests, glass jars, florals and lots of greenery. The tray makes a gorgeous centerpiece for any Easter decor and will also add a lot of splendour to the setting.

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8. Little Bunny, Jars and Pots

Little Bunny, Jars and Pots

Keeping it light on the decor, this tray setting displays grace and is sure to bring a peaceful vibe to the space. With little items, the tray features white mugs, jars and pots housing some greeneries and succulents. A bunny is a major part of an Easter decor so the little blue bunny sits in the last tier along with little rustic pots while the sign on the top tier features a sweet message.

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9. DIY Three Tier Stand

DIY Three Tier Stand

Transform your simple tier stand to something antique and glorious by simply painting it with a color of your choice and adding some wax to give it the desired texture. Once done, start decorating your tray with bright colored Easter eggs, faux nests and moss. The bright tones of the eggs bring a pop of color and contrast with the antique looking tray.

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