18 Fantastic Easter Tiered Tray Decor Ideas Everyone Will Adore!

Are you in love with the concept of tiered trays when it comes to putting together great decorations? The different levels of these trays offer so much space to work your ideas. And this collection of fabulous Easter tiered tray decor ideas is totally adorable.

10. Create a Vintage Garden Scene

Create a Vintage Garden Scene

With simple and only a few items, you can get your Easter decor centerpiece ready in no time. All you need are some super funky bunnies and birds, vibrant eggs and some natural elements like wood cuttings, faux nests and flowers. Also mix in some farmhouse style decor such as galvanized letters, small lanterns, bird cages, vintage alarm clocks, etc. The placement of terracotta pots also makes it subtle and cute.

Details : whatsonmyporch

11. Let’s Get Bright and Vivid

Let's Get Bright and Vivid

Bringing a little color to the tier tray, this arrangement here flaunts the beauty of contrasting bright and vivid tones and the pop of color they bring to any setting or space. The decor in the tray is dominated by blue and pink making a pretty combination with grey, brown and green. The delicate and soft items are put with rustic ones for a farmhouse look.

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12. Antique Tiered Tray Arrangement

Antique Tiered Tray Arrangement

Instead of putting decor pieces, everything here in this tier tray arrangement is edible as the tray is adorned with luscious chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs. Even the tray comes with a gorgeous vintage design adding look to the setting. The pastel tones of the items, also brings an elegance to the tray complimenting the antique appeal. The tray will surely be a tempting centerpiece and a showstopper in the dining space.

Details : homeiswheretheboatis

13. Gorgeous Planter Tray Decor

Gorgeous Planter Tray Decor

For someone who loves little planters, this tray arrangement is your thing as it beautifully makes the use of lots of planters along with a guardian bunny. Also the galvanized tray brings a rustic touch to the look while the ceramic plant pots and white bunny make it subtle and elegant. Being much on a simpler side, this tray decor is perfect if you are going for a minimal decor that is also easy to put together.

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14. Metallic 2-tiered Succulent Garden

Metallic 2-tiered Succulent Garden

This metal tray here comes with a personalised succulent garden. The Easter decor setting here is the easiest as you only need a tier tray, some succulents, straws and lots of Easter eggs. Being appropriate for a last minute decor, this tray is put together with some bright yellow and orange eggs and grass forming the base. The natural appeal of this tray is the main point of attraction.

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15. A Three Tiered Tray From Cake Pans

A Three Tiered Tray From Cake Pans

Instead of a store bought tray, you can make your very own tray with cake pans depending on your choice about the tiers. Keeping the decor light, this tray looks gorgeous and subtle as it is adorned with beautiful ceramic bunnies and some eggs that are decorated with golden silhouettes. The base for each tray is covered with lots of grass bringing the natural look.

Details : ourcraftymom

16. Subtle with Pops of Green

Subtle with Pops of Green

With Easter eggs in white green depicting the emotions that are brought by the festival of Easter, this classy tier tray arrangement features the beauty of neutral tones along with the bright pops of green. Adorned with glass jars, metal pots and ceramic bunnies, the wooden tray flaunts the blend of different materials. The subtle white tulips add beauty to the little plant and also the eggs covered with grass.

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17. A Vintage Easter

A Vintage Easter

If you are looking to bring a little vintage touch to your decor, then this classy tray arrangement is something you will love. Even the tray is wrapped with burlap ribbon to bring a rustic appeal to the decor while the items placed make a blend of antique and farmhouse. Like the cute tea cups are adorned with succulents and colorful candies. With some faux nests, bunnies and birds along with floral stems, the setting is finished.

Details : faeriesandfauna

18. Adorable and Rustic at the Same Time

Adorable and Rustic at the Same Time

Making a combination of cute and rustic, this tray setting is a stunning centerpiece that puts together lots of Easter bunnies, different jars and vases and planters. The top tier houses huge glass jars loaded with candies that will surely tempt the visitors and little kiddos. The subtle color scheme brought by the varied items contrast with each other complementing the funk and rustic look of the entire piece.

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From vintage themes to glorious antiques, from stunning floral settings to adorable bunny and bird arrangements, the above Easter tiered tray decor ideas are more than awesome!