19 Uber Cool Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas That are Versatile and Functional!

Most of our new-age homes feature high-end looking sinks with out of the box fixtures and chic designs. But, earthy kitchen sinks with a subtle design and ample of space have got something truly charming about them, and that’s why these uber cool farmhouse kitchen sink ideas deserve to be talked about!

Uber Cool Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas That are Versatile and Functional

1. All White Fireclay Sink

All White Fireclay Sink

A sink is a major part about any kitchen and it needs to be perfectly clean. In this idea, the sink covers a good amount of space for the ease of work. The sink is adorned by a couple of cups as planters and a country style caddy which stores the soap and handwash along with a beautiful succulent that add a farmhouse look.

Details : lizmarieblog

2. Modern Touch with Farmhouse Look

Modern Touch with Farmhouse Look

The brown and white combination for the kitchen creates the perfect farmhouse appeal. However, the stainless steel appliances used for the sink, chimney and the stove add the modern touch to compliment the country look. The sink provides ample room for any after party cleanup as the deep basin has enough space to store a number of appliances.

Details : glamshelf

3. Farmhouse Sink Bathed in Natural Light

Farmhouse Sink Bathed in Natural Light

The beautiful window built right in front of the sink makes the entryway for the natural light that illuminates the sink area and the entire kitchen. The point of prettiness in this setting are the pretty pink flowers along with lots of greens. Add your customisations with the decor and make it more chic.

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4. White Reinhard Farmhouse Basin

To create the perfect farmhouse look, this sink area features the beautiful combination of whites and brown along with the vintage looking hinges for the cabinets and window. The white sink with the brown kitchen countertop makes the correct setting. The antique looking bottles and the rustic metal strainer placed along with the sink add charms to the decor.

Details : build

5. Bunches of Blue and White- The real showstopper

Bunches of Blue and White- The real showstopper

This inspiration comes with a different touch as the kitchen sink faces the living area of the house instead of a wall or window. The rustic black faucet adds a beauty to the setting as it contrasts with the white finished sink. For the added element of prettiness, a couple of bunches of white and blue flowers are kept at the side of the sink.

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6. Farmhouse Sink adorned with Florals

Farmhouse Sink adorned with Florals

IKEA is the answer to all the furniture problems and ideas. This inspiration features a white finished sink that is divided in two different sections which gives way to convenient use. The black faucet compliments the white themed look for the kitchen. To add to this decor, a rustic wooden flower box with succulents is placed behind the sink.

Details : blesserhouse

7. Monochromatic theme steals the show

Monochromatic theme steals the show

Everything looks perfect in monochrome as in this beautiful vintage inspiration. The only element of color in the idea are the pink flowers paired with large green leaves which contrast with the entire black and white combination. The classic appeal is enhanced by the rustic faucets that compliment the marble countertop which displays the monochrome theme.

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8. Copper Sink

Copper Sink

What can be a better kitchen sink idea than placing a rustic looking copper hued sink in your farmhouse themed kitchen. Everything about the decor in this idea displays the country look perfectly. The sink creates a beautiful combination with the weathered cabinets of the kitchen. The metallic faucet is the icing on the cake in this setting.

Details : wayfair

9. Modern touch by Chic Faucet

Modern touch by Chic Faucet

Move to a different color scheme for your kitchen sink and countertop as in this idea. The sink that features a fine black color provides a deep basin. The wooden finished countertop adds charms to the farmhouse look. A little planter is placed as a piece of decor while the chic looking faucet completes the setting.

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10. Classic Transitional White Kitchen

Classic Transitional White Kitchen

The kitchen beautifully features the all white theme for the interior with stainless steel appliances which compliment the look. The sink provides a good amount of space for easy and convenient usage and comes with a rod attached to the front that can be used to hang towels and kitchen aprons. The huge window allows a lot of natural light to pour in.

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