15 Gorgeous Farmhouse Lighting Ideas Integrating A Lot More Luxury to Your Ambiance!

The placement, the direction and the kind of fixture that you go for when putting together a great lighting for your home can alter the ambiance of the space altogether. And farmhouse lighting is totally in the picture when speaking of adding a bit rustic luxury to your home. Just like these 15 gorgeous farmhouse lighting ideas on this list.

8. DIY Industrial Farmhouse Pendant Lights

DIY Industrial Farmhouse Pendant Lights

The look of a pendant light is absolutely vintage. Just like the DIY pendant light here, it is amazingly stunning and pretty easy to make. All you need to do is build a wooden bracket and insert the light enclosed in a cage to complete the look.

Details : createandfind

9. The Vintage Chandelier

The Vintage Chandelier

Perfect for the farmhouse look, the rustic light chandelier hung in this setting looks extremely stunning and makes a blend of the farmhouse look of the room and the vintage style of the light while the bulb stands give an appearance of the candle stands in antique chandeliers.

Details : maebells

10. Windmill Farmhouse Chandelier Light

Windmill Farmhouse Chandelier Light

Adorn your house with this bold, unique and extremely rustic chandelier light put together by a heavy galvanized windmill that will surely catch a lot of attention from your visitors and stand out in the entire decor. This piece here is perfect for the farmhouse touch in the setting.

Details : thelampgoods

11. Vintage Finds to Gorgeous Light Fixtures

Vintage Finds to Gorgeous Light Fixtures

Start with your vintage finds and repurpose them into a gorgeous light fixture that will add charms to the rustic appeal in your decor. The galvanized milk cans paired with the wooden board for the base work up amazingly in this stunning chandelier while the different color tones of the lamps brings the pop of color.

Details : pin.it

12. Bed Posts to Vintage Light Lamps

Bed Posts to Vintage Light Lamps

A couple of vintage bed posts can be worked up to amazing rustic looking lamps with some customisations to them. All you have to do is attach the light fixture to them along with a cage like shade for the bulb that makes it even more unique.

Details : philanthropyalamode

13. Deep Tones Steal the Show

Deep Tones Steal the Show

Chandeliers are perfect to be hung over a table setting be it a dining table, a coffee table in the porch or simply a reading table in the room as they cast a beautiful ambient light just like the vintage chandelier here. Featuring the antique look of the candle chandeliers, this one here looks absolutely stunning.

Details : littleredbrickhouse

14. Small Scale Warehouse Lighting

Small Scale Warehouse Lighting

If you are looking for the perfect small scale lighting than these three rustic lights put together in a galvanized finish with a mini gooseneck arm covered with the warehouse inspired shade work up perfect for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms or small spaces that need light lighting.

Details : blog.barnlightelectric

Whether you have a modern and chic decor for your home or you own a country-inspired space, hitting all the right notes is a child’s play for the above farmhouse lighting ideas.