14 Farmhouse Mason Jar Decor Inspirations That Are No Less Than Fabulous!

The huge list of possibilities that mason jars open up for customization and functionality makes them a staple when it comes to DIY decor. Despite of being so budget-friendly, they come with an element of vintage that makes them rightly suited for pulling off the below farmhouse mason jar decor inspirations with just a few tweaks and twists.


Farmhouse Mason Jar Decor Inspirations

1. DIY Wall Mounted Mason Jar Vase

DIY Wall Mounted Mason Jar Vase

Housing flowers of pastel prettiness to serve as a lovely wall-mounted vase, a mason jar decor as easy to put together as this one can add that farmhouse essence to your room almost in an instant. What the jar is actually attached to is a rustic wooden plank or board that is further hung on the wall. A simple screwing gets it all done when it comes to connecting your one-of-a-kind vase to the board, and a few coats of white spray paint will make it look visually even more appealing with its weathered look.

Stain the board or keep it all natural, we bet this piece of mason jar wall decoration is going to hit all the right notes every single time. The entryway, the kitchen or the living hall are some of the best spots to display the vase. Speaking of the flowers, prefer a bunch that goes just right with the color scheme of your space, whether faux or fresh ones from the yard – making sure that you throw in a few rustic branches and a little dose of fresh greens into the whole setup.

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2. Mason Jar Wall Hanging

Mason Jar Wall Hanging

Pallet wood wall hangings have always taken the idea of farmhouse home decoration by a storm. Here’s yet another example of the same, taking things to next level beauty with mason jars too spreading their charm on the hanging. And of course, you can’t skip the flowers that go into the hanging jars that can also work equally wonders as a chic storage solution making a clever use of the wall space. For the base, you are going to need a wooden pallet board that has properly been sanded and coated with a stain if you would like to pop the piece up with some color.

The bright white paint job done on the surface of the hanging jars steals the show with the way it reveals the original texture of the jars at some places. To hang the jars on the boards, use decorative vintage-style hooks that you can either screw or adhere to the board with a strong adhesive. Add loads of luxury to the finished hanging by filling the jars with large white roses, going for any bright color to use as the accent on one of the jars.

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3. DIY Mason Jar Sconces

DIY Mason Jar Sconces

Why spend heaps of dollars on store-bought scones when you can work them up at home right from the very scratch. That too, using supplies as basic as inexpensive mason jars that are perhaps, already lying around the house right now. Attach the mason jar to the wooden board with the help of metal hose clamps or twisted metal strings for an extra oomph factor, further hanging the string using a hook inserted into the board. The best part here is that it takes just a matter of 10 dollars to build the sconces, stunning enough to give the expensive ones a run for their money.

Now comes the part where you make the sconces actually lit up your space with a golden glow. For that you can grab some LED string lights and place them inside the jars, while adorning them with lots of flowers placed on the top. Make sure you coat the jars with paint in a way that doesn’t cover their surface throughout, instead allows for the light to travel through the glass. We bet these wall-mounted light fixtures are going to leave everyone out there spellbound.

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4. Mason Jar Kitchen Holders

Mason Jar Kitchen Holders

Make a dedicated spot in your kitchen for all the stirrers, spatulas and whisks – not only keeping them organized but also getting it done in a super stylish manner. These mason jar kitchen holders comes lovely in a trio that itself is placed inside a glorious wooden box. The light pastel hues of the whole assembly looks nothing less than fabulous, while the clever use of jute twine brings in the farmhouse touch to the holders at their best. Bottle green, cream and grey spray paint in matte finish coats the three jars respectively, while the twine wrapped around their neck is finished up with a cute bow.

To make the colors work their wonder, go for a splash of white on the wooden box, signifying its purpose even better with a super cute label done with vinyl letters of stencil and paint. The box says “Flip, Stir and Whisk”, telling what each of the jars is meant to store. To learn more about the winsome mason jar kitchen holders, head to the below Pin and get going to craft your own versions to the same.

DIY Details : pin.it

5. Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Whether you are looking for a handy and convenient solution to storing the Q-tips lying in the bathroom cabinet, want to keep the toothbrushes in a separate stand, whip up an uber cool soap dispenser, or simply looking out to store the cotton swabs in place – this gorgeous mason jar bathroom organizer does it all in a perfectly coordinated setup. Not to forget, the organizer also got its extra touch of beauty with DIY vase resting on the side. Everything in this organizer is built using mason jars of different shapes and sizes.

An adorable stand forms the base for the mason jars, each of which is brightened up with a splash of pastel sky blue, further tying loads of jute twine around the rim of the jars, making everything look oh so pleasingly rustic. The soap dispenser has got a dispenser kit replace the lid of the jar, two mini jars house the Q-tips and cotton balls, and the toothbrush holder is made by making holes in one of the jar’s lid. Employ the longest jar to display the flowers, and voila!

DIY Details : pin.it

6. Farmhouse Table Mason Jar Centerpiece

Farmhouse Table Mason Jar Centerpiece

How about putting together an extraordinary centerpiece for the dining table that not only decorates it but also spruces it up with a precious glow better than any candles? This farmhouse table mason jar centerpiece does just that, that too without calling any messy and hassled assembly. What all you are going to need to construct the piece is just a handful of supplies, including a wooden box or some boards, a nice stain of your choice, some paint, mason jars, twine, a little artificial greenery, and some fairy lights.

The charming centerpiece takes the cake with the distressed edges that the box flaunts, while the jars look absolutely luxurious with those fairy lights loaded inside. Insert fairy lights in transparent jars, while coating the middle one with a splash of white paint. Once again, wrap twine around the rims of the jars, placing loads of fresh green branches in each of them for the dash of color. This Etsy listing has got the centerpiece for purchase, but you can always make it all by yourself once you have gathered the supplies and ready to donate an hour of your time to the making.

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7. The Summer Farmhouse Kitchen : Mason Jar Rack

The Summer Farmhouse Kitchen : Mason Jar Rack

There’s no doubt in the fact that this rack loaded a glorious glass jar in each of its hooks is going to be the coolest decor element of your kitchen that doubles up as a wonderful storage at the same time. Plus, this inspiration by Stone Gable Blog also shares a new idea to replace regular glasses with mason jars when it comes to serving your favorite, shakes, mocktails, cocktails or any other beverage. The rack is actually, a regular bottle rack that has been repurposed into this inspiration.

Coming to the decor of the jars, you can leave them unaltered and let the glass reflect its charm around, or can always coat them with a nice paint, preferably, in a pastel theme to make sure it goes for a farmhouse essence. Serve the drinks in these mason jar containers and we bet your guests would love the dining experience without a doubt. Of course, there’s no complicated steps required to work up the arrangement, and the picture itself is enough to explain it all.

DIY Details : stonegableblog