22 Eye-Catching Farmhouse Mirror Ideas That Stick to Rustic and Chic at The Same Time!

A mirror is so much more than a means to have a reflection of yourself! It stretches from being a major source of catching more light into a space to being a key element of the overall decor of a room. If you want to customize your room, the bathroom or the vanity with a beautiful mirror, these farmhouse mirror ideas deserve a glimpse.

Eye-Catching Farmhouse Mirror Ideas

1. Ikea Mirror Hack

Ikea Mirror Hack

Transform an otherwise normal looking IKEA mirror to a completely rustic and gorgeous mirror with some easy modifications. All you have to do is make the texture of the mirror a little weathered and attach the L brackets on the corners of the mirror to complete the look.

Details : savvymom2mom

2. Make Your Very Own Floor Mirror

Make Your Very Own Floor Mirror

If you are looking for huge classy floor mirrors, then this tutorial is your thing. By just using the old sliding closet doors and large sized mirrors you can create the grandeur of the beautiful floor mirrors. The vintage vibe of these is the absolute icing on the cake.

Details : countrydesignstyle

3. Old Window to Farmhouse Mirror

Old Window to Farmhouse Mirror

Bring life to an old window lying around with all the unused stuff by turning it into a funky mirror. All you have to do is grab the weathered window frame and attach the mirror to it. The concept of the divided sections because of the frame make it exclusive and stunning.

Details : stonegableblog

4. Vintage Mirror Steals the Show

Vintage Mirror Steals the Show

The mirror in the setting here adds the right amount of vintage to the entire decor and arrangement of the bathroom. The two pillars at the sides of the mirror reflect the antique designing and also magnify the beauty of the mirror.

Details : shadesofblueinteriors

5. Window Turned Farmhouse Mirror

Window Turned Farmhouse Mirror

Looking for the perfect farmhouse mirror that you can add to your decor to enhance the vibe, this tutorial is a must try for you. Just grab an old window and glass that can make up for a mirror as you do not need to buy a new mirror for the project.

Details : theweatheredfox

6. Farmhouse Frame for the Mirror

Farmhouse Frame for the Mirror

A mirror frame with the perfect weathered texture makes the appearance absolutely rustic and steals the show. As in the idea here, the center of attention in the bathroom is the gorgeous mirror with the farmhouse vibe enhancing the decor.

Details : thecottagemarket