22 Eye-Catching Farmhouse Mirror Ideas That Stick to Rustic and Chic at The Same Time!

A mirror is so much more than a means to have a reflection of yourself! It stretches from being a major source of catching more light into a space to being a key element of the overall decor of a room. If you want to customize your room, the bathroom or the vanity with a beautiful mirror, these farmhouse mirror ideas deserve a glimpse.

7. Farmhouse Storage Mirror

Farmhouse Storage Mirror

A bathroom mirror with a little storage is one of the best furniture hacks that one can use. The tutorial here features an easy to make DIY mirror with a little shelf on the front where you can put some important supplies or simply some decorative pieces.

Details : shanty-2-chic

8. Repurposed Door Mirror

Repurposed Door Mirror

Give an all new purpose to an old door and convert it into an amazingly gorgeous floor mirror. All you have to do is grab the frame of an old door and a huge mirror that will fit in just right. Use the weathered texture of the mirror or simply stain it in the color of your choice.

Details : prodigalpieces

9. Accessorize Just Right!


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Window mirrors are in the trend and look extremely rustic and enhance the entire vibe of the setting. The different sections created in the mirror because of the window frame makes the concept unique and different than a regular looking mirror. The gorgeous accessorises along the mirror steal the show for the arrangement here.

Details : instagram

10. Magic of Three


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Grab three different frameless mirrors and attach them to the wood with desired texture or simply use plywood and stain them as per your choice. Make the paint a little weathered for the rustic look and place the three mirrors together. For added beauty, put the L brackets on the corners of the mirrors.

Details : instagram

11. Vintage Inspired Mirror

Vintage Inspired Mirror

Complimenting the entire theme for the interior, the mirror here features a broad frame with the beautiful vintage color scheme and the L brackets fastened on the edges give the much needed farmhouse appeal to its look. The simple rectangular shape also enhance the antique vibe.

Details : christinasadventures

12. Nautical Mirrors

Nautical Mirrors

The round shaped nautical mirrors are the absolute icing on the cake in this arrangement as each element about the room compliments each other just right. The mirrors hung with the help of an equally rustic looking rope makes the look perfect.

Details : twelveonmain

13. 9 Window Pane Mirror

9 Window Pane Mirror

The window frame with 9 different sections when worked up as a mirror brings life to a different look than a regular mirror. Combined with the weathered texture of the window and the little handle placed on the bottom makes the appearance rustic and real.

Details : mybarnwoodframes

14. Introduce a Little Cruise to The Interior

Introduce a Little Cruise to The Interior

A round nautical mirror brings out the little beachy and cruise vibe to the interior making it completely unique and rare for any arrangement where you choose to place the mirror. The rustic wooden frame also compliments the entire look amazingly.

Details : lizmarieblog