22 Eye-Catching Farmhouse Mirror Ideas That Stick to Rustic and Chic at The Same Time!

A mirror is so much more than a means to have a reflection of yourself! It stretches from being a major source of catching more light into a space to being a key element of the overall decor of a room. If you want to customize your room, the bathroom or the vanity with a beautiful mirror, these farmhouse mirror ideas deserve a glimpse.

15. Farmhouse mirror made from shims

Farmhouse mirror made from shims

Who thought the wood shims that are used to level construction projects could be transformed to completely rustic looking mirror. Start by placing the shims in a criss cross manner and attach the mirror in between once the shims are placed. Stain the mirror with the desired paint and the unique shim mirror would be ready.

Details : houseofhepworths

16. Old Door Turned Full Length Mirror

Old Door Turned Full Length Mirror

Get started with your repurposing skills and transform the old door to a full length rustic looking mirror that fulfills the purpose of a huge mirror perfectly. You no longer need to stand on the bed to have a look at your complete look, your very own wall size mirror is ready.

Details : littlevintagenest

17. Shabby Chic Wall Mirror

Shabby Chic Wall Mirror

Rustic decor is in the trend so why not work up a stunning mirror with an old window pane that features a distressed look and the weathered texture enhances the rustic appeal of the mirror. Perfect for a bathroom, living room or any room of your choice, this mirror will surely be the talk among your visitors.

Details : etsy

18. Mirror out of Reclaimed Wood

Mirror out of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed from antique barn wood, this mirror perfectly adorns the natural beauty and texture of the wood. The iron hinges are left visible and the hooks are hand forged, making the look even more rustic and gorgeous. A little shelf on the front provides storage for important items.

Details : emptyspacesdesign

19. Different Neutral Tones

Different Neutral Tones

The gorgeous frame is crafted from solid fir wood slats and each one is painted in a different neutral color and sanded down for a distressed appearance. This rustic mirror gives you the look of reclaimed wood, perfect for a country cottage or modern farmhouse.

Details : wayfair

20. Eastlake Style Swivel Mirror

Eastlake Style Swivel Mirror

With very little paint and just a few minutes, transform a vintage styled mirror to the gorgeous and popular farmhouse looking mirror. All you have to do is paint the mirror with a distressed look and finish by sanding it completely to make the texture weathered as it beautifies the look even more.

Details : interiorfrugalista

21. DIY Driftwood Mirror

DIY Driftwood Mirror

The beautiful texture of the driftwood when worked up as a mirror frame makes a gorgeous piece of furniture. You just need to grab 40 big pieces of the driftwood and arrange them a circular pattern. Clean the wood and stick them together, followed by attaching the mirror. When completed, your rustic mirror is ready to adorn the interiors.

Details : cityfarmhouse

22. A Couple of Rustic Mirrors

A Couple of Rustic Mirrors

The antique design of the mirrors here is the actual cherry on the cake complimenting the entire vintage arrangement. The slightly weathered texture of the frame and the oval shaped mirror looks beautiful on the monochromatic wall decor. Intensifying the rustic appeal of the vanity, the mirrors steal the show.

Details : mylifefromhome

Giving simple store-bought mirrors a farmhouse makeover or arranging one or more antique ones together to end up in something new altogether, or simply building one from the very scratch – taking a look at the splendour of the above farmhouse mirror ideas, we surely recommend you to give them a try and jazz up your home!