19 Splendid Farmhouse Organizing and Storage Ideas That Add a Rustic Essence to Managing Stuff

Farmhouse-centred storage solutions have got a unique dapper essence to them that makes them look more of a decoration than simply storage spaces. Thanks to things like wicker baskets, pretty metallic cabinets, industrial-looking trays and bins and so much more – we have bundled up a splendid collection of farmhouse organizing and storage ideas below.

19 Splendid Farmhouse Organizing and Storage Ideas

1. Most Beautiful Linen Closet

Most Beautiful Linen Closet

Make your linen closet so much more efficient by forging some amazing organization hacks shared by Simply Organized. The bright-looking storage is worked up with pretty white coats of paint, going for lots of rustic baskets and wire baskets for keeping the stuff in place.

All the hand towels, bath towels, bed sheets, linen and more have got space reserved for their inside the closet – having separate baskets for each. Some other things that the closet holds are guest blow-up mattresses, washcloths, extra pillows, regular pillow cases, quilts, throw pillows, shams and throw pillow covers, cleaning rags, swim towels, and baby bibs. And that wicker basket for medicines is labeled in the cutest fashion ever. The bedding is folded and separated according to the sizes and the patterns. Lastly, the shelf fronts are also finished up with appropriate labels.

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2. Wall Mounted Fruit Rack

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Grab some wire baskets from the Dollar Store and put together an extravagant fruit and vegetable rack. The farmhouse theme storage is just a matter of 2 basic supplies, including the baskets, screws and your choice of paint if you want to customize the rack a little more, just like this Instagram share has got the baskets coated in deep black.

Even the shape of the baskets here with long backs and the smaller shelving unit in the front makes a lasting impression, and you have got enough space on the rack to add a decorative item such as a flower vase or a graphic can. The display is adorably styled with a rustic wood sign that spells ‘Market Fresh Produce’ and marks the decor with a sleek wood frame housing the letters on a weathered cream backdrop.

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3. 3 Tier Galvanized Storage Stand

3 Tier Galvanized Storage Stand

Looking more of a decoration than simply a vertical storage solution to same more and more counter space, this multi-tiered galvanized metal stand is a blend of rustic and industrial vibe. Here, the stand is used to display super cute planters on separate shelves, going for galvanized pots and ceramics both, while also serving the purpose of a fruit and vegetable basket as the bottom tray holds bananas and the other ones house lemons and pears beautifully. Get vivid with the colors or textures of the stand, or put it together as a mug or cutlery display. Oh yes, you don’t really need to stick to using the stand for kitchen storage, it would work equally amazing in the bathroom, in the workspace to hold your nitty gritty office supplies and even as a table centerpiece foundation.

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4. Farmhouse Bathroom Organization

Farmhouse Bathroom Organization

Say goodbye to a regular iron rod for hanging the towels in the bathroom, instead welcome this farmhouse-inspired towel rack that’s worked up by painting an old rectangular cabinet door, putting the shelf on top, and lastly, adding hooks on the door mounted to the wall. Another amazing bathroom organization hack shared in the below guide by Farm Fresh Homestead is an uber cool toilet paper holder that keeps the roll easily accessible and displayed in style. No searching for the toilet roll in random closet drawers anymore! What works for the storage of the roll is an inexpensive wire container from Real Deals that’s sized to make the roll fit with true perfection. The cherry on the cake is a lovely hand towel holder with a basket-like shelf and hanging dowel, installed next to the mirror.

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5. Trash to Treasure Kitchen Organization

Trash to Treasure Kitchen Organization

What if every single cabinet and drawer around your house looked like a work of art in terms of organization? That’s exactly what this kitchen organization is all about! And the building blocks of the artwork-like storage here is a stack of random inexpensive wooden crates or boxes. The low-height wooden boxes fit just perfect in almost all standard kitchen drawers and can be employed to store just about everything around the space. But what makes the stuff easy to reach is the adorable labels attached to each of the boxes – worked up by stamping tiny spoon handles, adding an industrial touch to the crates. Candles, napkins, cutlery, glass jars and so much more – it all looks uber chic when stored inside the wooden pretties.

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6. Kitchen Island Update

Kitchen Island Update

Can such a gloriously vintage kitchen island like this fail to add unbeatable chicness to your kitchen? Without spending too much, you can integrate a farmhouse look to your home, storing a bundle of essential kitchen utilities and supplies at the same time. In fact, the final island has got a dedicated section to place the microwave inside, all brought by adding a few simple tweaks to a small old island coming with a builder grade base cabinet. Making a special opening for the microwave on one side of the island, switching some of the existing drawers with new spots around the island, and adding a few shelves is the key to getting it done. The island has also got a bookshelf and pretty recessed panels adding to its beauty, while the layers of brown satin finish and a unique paint splash keep it strictly antique!

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7. DIY Laurel Wreath with Kitchen Utility Hanger

DIY Laurel Wreath with Kitchen Utility Hanger

Dressing up a functional piece of storage is as important as it is to get it well-organized. And this DIY Laurel wreath dresses up a kitchen utility hanger with sheer cuteness. And, even better is the fact that you can let a laurel wreath charm the space throughout the year – while pretty greens work wonders for summers, winters call for a few tweaks like adding some snow-themed embellishments and golden picks. The hanger that displays the wreath on one wall of the kitchen is a simple strip of wood featuring a number of tiny hanging hooks to hold aprons, sieves, pans and more! Two of the hooks gracefully hold the wreath made using a metal form or a floral wire wreath, faux leafy branches, scissors, floral wire, a wire cutter, pliers and some brown floral tape.

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8. Adding Vintage Style to a Builders Grade Kitchen

Adding Vintage Style to a Builders Grade Kitchen

No matter what’s the structure, design or decor of your kitchen, you can give it a vintage revamp anytime by integrating a bunch of secret items into the space. This guide by A Bowl Full of Lemons explains how stuff like lovely antique-looking lighting fixtures, some subway tiles, tiny vintage decorative elements, an industrial faucet, delicate vintage linens, certain kitchen hardware, rustic and minimal framed pieces of furniture, and a handful of nitty gritty details can alter the whole appeal of the kitchen. Paying a visit to a flea market, a barn sale, antique malls and thrift stores is all you need to gather everything ranging from a rusty book rack to a glorious scale needle. Storage racks, ceramic pitchers and wooden kitchen stands are the final touches of splendor here.

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9. Five Minute Farmhouse Footed tray

Five Minute Farmhouse Footed tray

The moment this splendorous tray catches your eyes, you would already be craving for one to spruce up your kitchen. After all, storage trays don’t often come with something as unique as tiny feet or legs, especially in a lovely round shape and earthy wooden built. The wooden legs are accompanied by a distressed-looking metal tray on top, which is actually a repurposed old pan. Whipping up the farmhouse-inspired footed tray is just a deal of five minutes of craft, calling for supplies including wood knobs, Espresso colored stain, an old denty metal pan, E6000, and a hammer. Once you remove the larger dents on the pan, you stain the wooden ball knobs and glue them to the bottom of the pan after the stain gets dry, and voila!

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10. Farmhouse Pantry Organization Tips

Farmhouse Pantry Organization Tips

That little pantry never seemed to have so much of storage space, however, the before and after photographs shared in the below guide are enough to believe that a little deal of organization of the items can turn that mess into all new wonders. Big cereal containers, a bunch of galvanized bins and some chalkboard crates purchased from Better Homes and Gardens are the chief building blocks of this organization. The crates let you use their slate surfaces to label the containers and change the labels as and when you want, while the galvanized bins can be spruced up with custom chalkboard labels. Gain a deeper insight into how to bifurcate the stuff better, heading to the guide by Cherished Bliss. The combination of plastic, glass, metal and wood for the different containers makes it oh so vivid.

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