19 Splendid Farmhouse Organizing and Storage Ideas That Add a Rustic Essence to Managing Stuff

Farmhouse-centred storage solutions have got a unique dapper essence to them that makes them look more of a decoration than simply storage spaces. Thanks to things like wicker baskets, pretty metallic cabinets, industrial-looking trays and bins and so much more – we have bundled up a splendid collection of farmhouse organizing and storage ideas below.

11. DIY Wire Laundry Hamper

DIY Wire Laundry Hamper

Speaking of laundry hampers, wire hampers with their industrial touch and the unconventional design can be rightly termed as complete farmhouse goodness. And working up a wire laundry hamper at home would yield all the beauty of the storage piece in a shockingly little cost – mainly at the price of wheels, some screws and washers. The hamper is majorly constructed with a round wood disk-like base and a roll of welded wire fencing, while the other supplies you need are caster wheels, 10 gauge wire long enough to wrap around the hamper, a laundry gag, a screwdriver, pliers, and a wire cutter. Check out the steps that go into the making of the do-it-yourself hamper as explained in this tutorial by The Merry Thought. Leaving the wire and the wood block unstained and unpainted make it even more cottage-perfect.

Idea Details : themerrythought

12. DIY Tiered Stand from Repurposed Junk

DIY Tiered Stand from Repurposed Junk

Get your hands on this incredible kitchen storage that not only works as a great organizer, but also looks equally chic and trendy while resting on the kitchen counter or the dining table. What all helps you in turning some otherwise trashy items into this repurposed prettiness includes a wood turning that can be an old table leg or any kind of spindle, 3 pie plates, some cake pans, enamelware in varied sizes, some double-ended screws, wood screw with washer, pliers, a drill and drill bits, a wood round or circles cut from plywood, a jigsaw, sander, some paint, and reclaimed drawer or door knobs. How the pie pans are assembled into this glorious shelf with chippy paint antique spindles is no less than sheer magnificence. That glass knob on top is quite like the tree topper on a festive Xmas tree.

Idea Details : prodigalpieces

13. DIY Primitive Cabinet from a Repurposed Wooden Crate and Frame

DIY Primitive Cabinet from a Repurposed Wooden Crate and Frame

So immersed with the breathtakingly beautiful look of this cabinet, one wouldn’t be able to judge that it’s actually a few super cheap thrift store finds that are assembled together with a dose of creativity. The antique style DIY primitive cabinet features an old wooden frame for the front door, while the whole storage block is nothing but a rustic wooden crate that’s mounted on the wall. The cabinet door keeps it all revealing what’s stored inside, and the credit for the same goes to the wire mesh fitted inside the door. The mesh in itself is given a pretty rusty appeal, while the creamy white paint job on the wooden parts of the cabinet keep it strictly farmhouse-themed. The final touch here is that embossing number rusty door knob.

Idea Details : knickoftime

14. Simple DIY Ledge Shelf Tutorial

Simple DIY Ledge Shelf Tutorial

There’s absolutely no one who wouldn’t adore such beautifully subtle yet stylish DIY ledge shelves, specially when all they take to get ready is 30 minutes of your time and a deal of 20 dollars. Display delicate crockery, silverware or enamelware on these shelves and the lovely stained wood base would only enhance the luxurious element of the items. Another option is to double the shelves as photo displays holding precious memories of the family with true grace. You are going to need wooden boards, some screws, a nice dark stain to make it stand out against the wall, and a fine wood conditioner. The backboards of the shelves are screwed directly into the wall, while the versatile design allows you to customize the decorative elements used on the shelves according to the changing seasons.

Idea Details : christinasadventures

15. Coffee Crate Lid Sign

Coffee Crate Lid Sign

How could we leave DIY wooden signs behind when it’s about bringing a farmhouse touch to your space. However, this one blends the idea of storage with a cute wall sign. The little reclaimed wood sign works as a reminiscent of a coffee crate lid, signified aptly with the coffee cup stencil in black that’s worked up on the sign. The author cuts three fence planks to size, further securing them from behind with two boards, leaving intentional gaps for the S hooks. If you go for hanging S hooks, the support boards must be attached on the back, protruding the sign away from the wall a little. For the storage part, inexpensive S hooks are used to hang coffee mugs onto the sign, having a glass jar attached to the board double up as a lovely flower vase.

Idea Details : funkyjunkinteriors

16. How to Get the Industrial Farmhouse Look with Dollar Tree Storage

How to Get the Industrial Farmhouse Look with Dollar Tree Storage

Hiding underneath that fabulous wooden texture is budget-friendly regular multi-purpose plastic storage drawers from the Dollar Store that are given a farmhouse-worthy makeover, adorned with a touch of industrial charm. To get started, you are going to need some ORB spray paint, scrapbook metal labels, antique fasteners, fine grit sandpaper, Balsa wood, wood furniture buttons, wood Stain such as Minwax Espresso, rapid fuse wood adhesive, a drill and drill bits. The versatile drawers can be employed as office desk organizers, placed on the dresser for keeping your makeup supplies handy, or used in the bathroom to store personal care stuff. The drawers are completed with cute labels adhered to the front, while the drawer knobs here are tiny wood buttons. Learn more about the project heading to the tutorial by Little house of Four.

Idea Details : littlehouseoffour

17. A Tisket, A Tasket, Make a Supercool Basket!

A Tisket, A Tasket, Make a Supercool Basket!

As easy to make as it’s splendid to look at, this supercool basket can introduce an instant farmhouse touch to your home organizing affairs. You would be delighted that it’s constructed using a bunch of everyday objects that are perhaps, already lying around the house and few budget-friendly ones from the market. To elaborate, the project calls for a peach basket from any grocery store or farmers market, a round cork mat, a long length of jute twine, string or bailing twine, a hot glue gun, some wood screws, hardware cloth or chicken Wire, wood paint sticks, wire snips, and a pair of scissors. The credit to making the basket look all old and worn out goes to the bits of peach basket that adorn the chief wire structure of the piece. Place the finished basket on the porch to store magazines or newspapers you plan to read outdoors.

Idea Details : theartofdoingstuff

18. Farmhouse Inspired Laundry Room Storage

Farmhouse Inspired Laundry Room Storage

If you are totally obsessed with storing stuff in rustic wicker baskets or bins, or just want to integrate into your space for the earthy texture and vibe they bring in, you surely would like to use a bunch of those pretties to organize your laundry room and enhance its visual appeal. This incredible Pin showing a shabby chic laundry room with all its metal faucets in bright gold and a luxurious white countertop gets its dose of farmhouse essence with round-top wicker baskets placed on a wall shelf. The baskets are spruced up with a band of deep navy blue at the bottom, while the natural jute-like making marks the remaining. What you can use the baskets for is to store clothes for washing, dividing them into smaller categories. The second wall shelf here serves the purpose of keeping hand towels, bath towels and other linen in a neatly folded fashion.

Idea Details : pin.it

19. Farmhouse Laundry Organization hang-Ups

Farmhouse Laundry Organization hang-Ups

Who says that those metal pipe fittings with their industrial charm were only meant to work up the plumbing of your house? This awesome Pin shows how they can cast a magical spell when it comes to building gorgeous farmhouse laundry hangups. The pipes along with a piece of wooden fence boards yields an extraordinary cloth hanger that you mount on the laundry room wall using screws. We love how the “Laundry” is painted onto the hanging board using some simple stenciling and working up the letters in black paint. The metal pipe hanger has got two mini wooden crate shelves as the perfect accompaniments to itself, that you can use to place wire storage baskets, bath towels, or other cloth washing supplies. Definitely, the hack keeps everything rightly managed, but those final additions like rusty gears and a vintage glass jar on top of the crate shelf are truly mesmerising.

Idea Details : pin.it

None of these farmhouse organizing and storage ideas keep it limited to simply grouping and decluttering the stuff around the house. Instead, they double up as stunning pieces of decorations in themselves, establishing a dash of earthiness into your space.