19 Practical Farmhouse Style Bookshelf Ideas Glorifying Your Space in Picturesque Ways!

The stores are loaded with a variety of bookshelves in different shapes, sizes and designs. However, the antique looking ones or those that have got a farmhouse vibe to them are quite an expensive something to get. To contrast the statement, we have gathered 19 farmhouse style bookshelf ideas below that will glorify your space in a budget-friendly yet picturesque way.

Practical Farmhouse Style Bookshelf Ideas

1. Bookshelf with Hidden Storage

Bookshelf with Hidden Storage

What can be better than a bookshelf that comes with a little hidden storage. The bookshelf here in this arrangement acts as the main focal point and features adjustable shelves for the books and accessories. This storage wall provides room for a number of books and different decorative items that add a lot of beauty to the setting.

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2. The Antiques Shelf

The Antiques Shelf

A large rustic wooden shelf filled with a lot of books, antiques and some decorative items definitely magnifies the look of the interior and adds a farmhouse vibe. Just like in the arrangement here, The wall sized wooden rack comes with a lot of storage space giving room to bundles of books and lots of accessories.

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3. The Industrial Look Book Shelf

The Industrial Look Book Shelf

Got lots of books lying around in your living room and can’t think of a dedicated place for them then have a look at this gorgeous rustic wooden shelf that steals the show with its farmhouse vibe. A little element of beauty is added by the drawers that have some alphabets painted in the front enhancing the appearance while the open shelves also intensify the look.

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4. Sliding Door Does the Thing

Sliding Door Does the Thing

Grab a traditional simple looking book shelf and transform it to a farmhouse bookcase with a simple hack and a little work. Introduce a sliding door to the bookshelf with a vintage look and accessorize the insides of the shelf with a lot of antique pieces that will be used to hold stacks of books just like in the arrangement here.

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5. Dining Room Bookshelf Decor

Dining Room Bookshelf Decor

Looking to introduce a breath of life to your interior with a big piece of furniture that makes the vibe of the room all cozy and gorgeous, have a look at this stunning rolling bookshelf that does the work just right. Providing enough room for the books and also some show pieces, this book shelf adds charms to the setting.

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