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The stores are loaded with a variety of bookshelves in different shapes, sizes and designs. However, the antique looking ones or those that have got a farmhouse vibe to them are quite an expensive something to get. To contrast the statement, we have gathered 19 farmhouse style bookshelf ideas below that will glorify your space in a budget-friendly yet picturesque way.

6. Crates to Rustic Book Shelves

Crates to Rustic Book Shelves

Those rustic looking crates work up as one of the most amazing storage solution that fulfills the purpose perfectly. Grab the crates according to your need and hang them on the wall. Start by placing all the items you want to store along with the books in the crate shelves. The rope handles of these crates enhances the look even more.

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7. Accessorize Just Right!

Accessorize Just Right!

A large bookcase can be turned to a stunning piece of furniture when loaded with different accessories and ofcourse stacks of books. Just like in this arrangement, each section of the shelf is occupied with a more rustic looking piece like the old sewing machine, message bottles, the cage, etc. The baskets at the bottom also add the farmhouse vibe to the look.

Details : blesserhouse

8.  The Perfect Library

The Perfect Library

Give an absolutely dedicated place to all your favourite books and don’t let them lie here and there in a clutter. A large bookshelf fulfills the purpose of storing the books and also adds a cozy appeal to the look. Featuring a number of sections, this huge bookshelf provides good room for all the books and the natural texture of the wood, magnifies the beauty.

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9. Industrial Shelves

Industrial Shelves

Flaunting a industrial and rustic appeal at the same time, this shelf stands out with its minimal frame and the great deal of storage that it offers. The wooden shelves and the metal frame bars compliment each other just right, allowing you to store a number of decorative items, vases as well as books. The bottom shelf can be used to house large storage bins for household essentials.

Details : meaningfulspaces

10. Toscana Bookshelf

Toscana Bookshelf

What can be better than being able to build your very own bookshelf in just some simple steps. This book shelf here is as gorgeous as it is easy to make and provides a remarkable amount of storage space because of the large shelves. The beautiful texture of the wood is the absolute cherry on the cake in this shelf which magnifies the look.

Details : jenwoodhouse

11. Leaning on the Wall Shelf

Leaning on the Wall Shelf

This idea here features a ladder like bookshelf that gives a leaning effect. Each step of this rack can be used for storage as it gives good room to house books as well as a lot of little accessories that make a complimenting look. The bottom step being the largest gives space to keep huge baskets or storage bins with important household items.

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