19 Practical Farmhouse Style Bookshelf Ideas Glorifying Your Space in Picturesque Ways!

The stores are loaded with a variety of bookshelves in different shapes, sizes and designs. However, the antique looking ones or those that have got a farmhouse vibe to them are quite an expensive something to get. To contrast the statement, we have gathered 19 farmhouse style bookshelf ideas below that will glorify your space in a budget-friendly yet picturesque way.

12. DIY Plate Rack

DIY Plate Rack

If you are in need for the perfect shelf that stands out in your interior arrangement then have a look at this 7 ft. long DIY shelf that looks absolutely stunning. Providing room to four large steps, the shelf adds a gorgeous appeal to the arrangement with all the accessories and stuff it can house. Visit the link below for a better understanding.

Details : shanty-2-chic

13. Old Door to Bookshelf

Old Door to Bookshelf

Repurpose that old door lying around in the store or garage and breath a little life to it by transforming it into a beautiful dedicated place for your favourite books. All you have to do is add wooden boards at the back of the door that will form steps for the storage of items. Leave the weathered texture of the door that makes it rustic and stunning.

Details : kellydiy

14. A Stepladder Side Table

A Stepladder Side Table

An old ladder can be turned to a number of different ideas including an amazing side table. Grab a step ladder and convert it to a completely rustic and pretty storage option in just a few simple steps. Place wooden planks over each step according to the size and the bottom step being the largest can house more items.

Details : funkyjunkinteriors

15. Stunning Crate bookshelf

Stunning Crate bookshelf

Just by simply joining a number of crates, who thought that a beautiful bookshelf can be brought to life. This guide here features a pretty book rack that is perfect for small rooms and interiors. All you have to do is grab some rustic crates and place them over each other following a convenient pattern. Paint the crates in the stain of your choice.

Details : diyshacks

16. White Tones Compliment the Shelf

White Tones Compliment the Shelf

Putting together a cute little book shelf is absolutely easy and the results are overwhelming. The guide here features a pretty shelf that can be made in simple steps and used to adorn the interiors of your living room or any arrangement just right. All you have to do is gather some wood boards and some boards with vintage or antique designing.

Details : confessionsofaserialdiyer

17. Crates And Reclaimed Pallet Bookshelf

Crates And Reclaimed Pallet Bookshelf

Start with your repurposing skills and put together a gorgeous bookshelf with reclaimed wood and crates. You just need to grab the rustic wooden pallets to wrap the shelf for the perfect reclaimed look. The weathered and distressed texture magnifies the beauty of the natural wood breathing life into the shelf. The crates are placed in the shelf as an added storage option.

Details : jenwoodhouse

18. The Wall Mounted Shelf

The Wall Mounted Shelf

A wall mounted book shelf blends with the look of the wall in the room and features a lot of storage area and options. Along with the purpose of storing books, a huge shelf houses decorative items, baskets, vases, etc. This arrangement comes with a cozy chair lying in front of the bookshelf where one can spend hours reading their favourite books.

Details : instagram

19. Pipe Fixtures Bookshelf

Pipe Fixtures Bookshelf

Built with the combination of the industrial pipe fixtures and the wooden planks, this shelf in the idea here is the perfect example of rustic. A unique concept comes to life in this arrangement here as the frame consists entirely of the pipes. Also the shelf provides a lot of room for storage of all kinds of items with books.

Details : bellezaroom


Why stick to a simple wooden shelf when you can employ things like pipe fixtures, metal frames, antique elements, lovely textures and so much more to work up brilliant farmhouse style bookshelf ideas that not just house books, but also upgame the decor of the room.