Integrate A Rustic Luxury to Your Living Area with this $50 DIY Farmhouse Table!

With the rising inclination towards a contemporary decoration for the home, the idea of farmhouse-themed accents seems to look like a breath of fresh air. Such pieces of furniture add an antique vibe to the whole space – just like this marvellous farmhouse table.

DIY Farmhouse Table

Even better is the fact that farmhouse decor items not only look luxurious, but are also super durable at the same time. And you simply can’t forget mentioning the inexpensive deal they come for, specially when you plan to build them at home on your own. You don’t need to spend more than 50 dollars to construct this minimalist farmhouse table right from the very scratch, achieving end results that can give any costly table a run for its money!

The Rehab Life is here to inspire you with the DIY rustic prettiness through this incredible YouTube video tutorial. They guide you with the detailed step-by-step instructions you need to follow to whip the table up, while specifying each of the tools and materials that you need to gather to get started.

For the tools, you will need a miter saw, drill and impact driver, a tape measure, a pair of safety goggles, ear protection, and a mask. Whereas, the construction material includes some nails, a wood cut list, screws, a nice stain, some poly, wood glue, and some sanding blocks as the chief supplies.

You begin by measuring the lumber into some specific dimensions, further cutting the pieces out with a miter saw. That distressed look to the wood is brought by pounding it with a hammer, followed by sanding the pieces down. A basic frame is layed out and the middle boards are assembled inside the rectangular frame using nails and glue.

The $50 Farmhouse Table – Easy DIY Project

(Video and pictures via The Rehab Life)

Connect the different sections of the table together in a piece by piece fashion, securing them together and adding the table-top at last. Any holes and gaps can be easily filled with some wood filler, lastly, screwing the legs to the table and supporting them with an H-shaped stretcher in the middle.

Now comes the fun part – the table is all set to be charmed up with a wood stain, sealing it with a few layers of polyurethane once the stain is dry. Allow the final coat to get dry, and your homemade furniture is ready to work as the focal point of your living space. That glorious finish with all its intended imperfections is a rare thing to find.

For sprucing it up a little more, you can always couple the table up with colorful fabric chairs or tableware of your choice. In fact, a wooden bench would look all the way more awesome when placed alongside this chic dining table.

If you have already fallen in love with this beauty, it’s time to head to the tutorial and bring your own tweaks to the table to life. The versatile color-scheme, the sturdy built and the simple yet gorgeous shape of the farmhouse table makes sure it matches any kind of interior decoration with complete flawlessness!