19 Gorgeous Easter Wreath Ideas You Would Love to Work at Home!

Making stunning Easter decorations, specially luscious wreaths for the doors and other favorite spots of decor calls for just a few readily available items that catch all attention with their bright colors. Below is a collection of some Easter wreath ideas that will not fail to inspire you to build some of your very own.

Gorgeous Easter Wreath Ideas

1. Easter Chick Wreath

Easter Chick Wreath

Wreaths are the first part of any decoration and they decide the vibe of the entire house. Bring the perfect Ester coziness to your doorstep with this full of fluff garland as it comes loaded with bright yellow chicks that are super soft and fluffy. You just need a cardboard frame and lots of chicks that adorn your wreath. The wreath can also be placed as a centerpiece in the Easter decor.

Details : adventuresandplay

2. Burlap Easter Wreath With A Bunnies Banner

Burlap Easter Wreath With A Bunnies Banner

Topped with a cute bunny banner, this Easter wreath comes with some stunning details that add charms to the look and make it perfect for your Easter decor. Starting from the burlap cloth, the piece looks beautifully rustic while the eggs in three different shades of blue bring a touch of color. The piece is finished with a chevron bow that compliments it even more.

Details : etsy

3. DIY Fluffy Easter Bunny Wreath

DIY Fluffy Easter Bunny Wreath

Being an ideal easter piece, this dreamy wreath can be put together in just thirty minutes. You just need a foam wreath, white marabou boa, foam craft sheets in pink and white, bunny ears headband and a fluffy pink bunny tail. Have a look at the link below for a better understanding of this stunning idea. This wreath surely be the showstopper in your decor for its splendour.

Details : busycreatingmemories

4. Rustic Easter Wreath

Rustic Easter Wreath

Switching from the bright tones, this wreath here features some versatile and rustic shades that will bring a unique appeal to your Easter decor. Coming with lots of brown, greens and also the light shades of cream, this piece here is put together with just a grapevine wreath and an egg garland.

Details : livelaughrowe

5. Colorful Easter Egg Wreath

Colorful Easter Egg Wreath

Who does not love some amazing crafts that are easy to make and also extremely affordable. Like this super adorable idea here that only needs a straw wreath, packages of mini eggs and a ribbon. The results are a perfect Easter treat as the gorgeous blend of pastel colors that will for sure bring the right party touch to your decor.

Details : faithfullyfree

6. Easiest Burlap Easter Wreath

Easiest Burlap Easter Wreath

Bringing a touch of nature to your Easter wreath, this completely rustic piece here features burlap cloth intertwined into the metal wreath form in a looped pattern. The wreath is embellished with a bunch of pretty white florals along with a green felt bunny depicting the Easter vibe, secured with jute while the piece is finished with a nest housing some Easter eggs.

Details : dukemanorfarm

7. Easter Wreath Made With Hay

Easter Wreath Made With Hay

With bunches of hay branches, you can bring this superbly rustic piece to life that flaunts the beauty of the raw texture of hay. By the help of a wreath form, attach some hay branches or some garland to it and top the wreath with faux eggs in a color of your choice. For further look, a nest has been added while the brown bow completes the piece.

Details : good-housewife

8. Square Grass Easter Wreath

Square Grass Easter Wreath

Introducing a little change with the idea of a wreath, grab a picture frame and also a square shaped grass frame that will surely give a unique touch to the decor. Start by painting the eggs in the colors of your choice making a contrast with the picture frame and stick them to the grass. Complete the piece by embellishing the corner with a faux nest and egg.

Details : adiamondinthestuff

9. Make a Peeps Easter Wreath

Make a Peeps Easter Wreath

The beauty of a full luscious wreath adds an all new life to the entire decor arrangement as this wreath is only made with bright yellow peeps and yet works its magic. Being absolutely inexpensive, this idea only needs a wreath form, lots of peeps and a pretty patterned ribbon complimenting the wreath. With the super cute look, the wreath is surely to be a showstopper.

Details : kellyelko

10. Easter Wreath With Yarn and Scraps

Easter Wreath With Yarn and Scraps

Start with some repurposing and grab all the fabric scraps lying around in your stuff. Move ahead by wrapping your wire wreath form with yarn in alternate colors and also by wrapping the plastic eggs in the versatile fabric scraps. Once the wrapping is completed then start putting the piece together for a final piece that is absolutely vibrant and bright.

Details : lifesewsavory