19 Gorgeous Easter Wreath Ideas You Would Love to Work at Home!

Making stunning Easter decorations, specially luscious wreaths for the doors and other favorite spots of decor calls for just a few readily available items that catch all attention with their bright colors. Below is a collection of some Easter wreath ideas that will not fail to inspire you to build some of your very own.

11. Yarn Easter Egg Wreath

Yarn Easter Egg Wreath

What is better than a colorful delight which looks super warm to welcome your friends and family for the Easter celebrations. All you need to put together this piece of splendour is a foam wreath, lots of plastic eggs in varied sizes and also different shades of yarn. With different patterned eggs loaded in a wreath, this piece here will surely be the focal point in your decor.

Details : thelittlemissmommy.blogspot

12. Rainbow Bunny Peeps Easter Wreath

Rainbow Bunny Peeps Easter Wreath

Capturing the rainbow in a wreath is what this idea is about. Following the pattern, you just need to collect all the colors of the rainbow in the peeps and stick them to a styrofoam wreath. The peeps make the piece super cute as the bright rainbow colors take the beauty to an all new level while the pink bow adds charms to the wreath.

Details : triedandtrueblog

13. Parade Themed Easter Wreath

Parade Themed Easter Wreath

If you have loads of versatile patterned fabrics and ribbons, then put them to some use in this super easy to make parade themed wreath. Paired with some pink paper grass, the wreath is covered with a ribbon here. For embellishments, the wreath is topped with some buttons of varied sizes in different fabrics while the bunny ornament in the center completes the entire piece.

Details : nestofposies-blog

14. Baker’s Twine Easter Wreath

Baker’s Twine Easter Wreath

Perfect for a subtle look, this super elegant Easter wreath here is extremely easy to make and is also pleasing to look at. Start by wrapping your wreath form in the baker’s twine and move ahead by embellishing the wreath with a cute bunting and the Easter items like the little green bunny and the branches with speckled eggs.

Details : thesimplycraftedlife

15. DIY Cardboard Easter Wreath

DIY Cardboard Easter Wreath

Who knew that you can make a perfect piece that will steal the show in your Easter decor with just some cardboards. You only need two sheets of cardboard, one to make the wreath base and the other one to make the embellishments. Cut the desired shapes and paint them with fun patterns and designs. Complete the wreath by putting the embellishments to the cardboard base.

Details : littleredwindow

16. Carrot Easter Wreath

Carrot Easter Wreath

Bring a quirky touch to your Easter decor with this wreath that features a bunch of carrots made with orange tulips and fern foliage for the greenery. Tie both of them together and secure them with burlap twine. Finish the piece by tying a burlap ribbon to make a bow at the joint to cover it and give it a beautifying look.

Details : thatswhatchesaid

17. Pastel Bunny Rabbit Easter wreath

Pastel Bunny Rabbit Easter wreath

If you are looking to make something with a warm look, then this piece here is just that. With the subtle tones, this wreath flaunts a elegant look with a wreath form wrapped in white lace where it is further embellished with flowers made by white and pink and also some felt grey leaves. The wreath also houses a tiny adorable rabbit completing the wreath.

Details : barbara-scrapki.blogspot

18. Easter Wreath with Colorful Eggs

Easter Wreath with Colorful Eggs

The egg shaped yarn orbs are the only item that you need to put together this beautiful wreath. Start by grabbing different colored embroidery floss and gluing them to balloons. Burst the balloon once the glue is dried and seperate your orbe, hot glue the eggs together to make the shape of a wreath. This flaunts the texture and the hollow inside of the eggs with a unique look.

Details : wineandglue

19. Wreath with Moss and Easter Eggs

Wreath with Moss and Easter Eggs

Celebrating the vibe of Spring and Easter, this wreath here showcases the symbols of the season with utmost beauty making it a treat to the eyes. Flaunting the gorgeous florals in pink and blue along with the pastel eggs adorning the wreath, this piece will surely make a statement in your Easter decor. For the final touch, the subtle blue ribbon amazingly compliments the entire wreath.

Details : apumpkinandaprincess

From loads of colorful eggs to pretty spring branches or a creative clubbing of bunny-inspired items, these Easter wreath ideas have surely got something or the other in store for you!