18 Gorgeous Outdoor Lighting Ideas Adding So Much More Character to Your Space!

Lighting has got a vital role in celebrating the decor of your space and define an overall appeal to the same, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. A good outdoor lighting makes your house feel much alive and welcoming to one and all. To inspire you, here are 18 gorgeous outdoor lighting ideas that add a unique character to your home.

Gorgeous Outdoor Lighting Ideas

1. DIY Outdoor Chandelier

DIY Outdoor Chandelier

Lighting is the main point of attention which makes an outdoor setting complete. In the idea here, the lighting is the main show stopper which will have your guest asking about how you made it. It is as easy to make as it is stunning. The use of an old branch makes it rustic and completely gorgeous.

Details : allthingsheartandhome

2. Fairy light globe

Fairy light globe

Just grab a couple of wire hanging baskets and bunches of fairy lights to put together this beautiful piece of decor. All you got to do is join the two baskets to form a sphere and the wrap the lights in each direction. The fairy light globe is a perfect item for backyard and porch settings.

Details : fromtheblueshed

3. Canning Jar Lights

Canning Jar Lights

Mason jars being the most versatile pieces once again present a beautiful decor item that will surely be one of your favourites. A little chandelior made with bunches of mason jars is the perfect lighting decor for an outdoor setting. You can put different coloured mason jars for versatile light reflections and making additions to the chandelior is also as easy.

Details : michelesapples

4. Cute Cupcake Lights

Cute Cupcake Lights

Who doesnt love cupcake tins that have cute prints all over them, so what can be better if you can make cupcake lights with those little tins. You just need to place the liners over the bulbs and the little lampshades will be ready to adorn and beautify the outdoors of your house.

Details : cfabbridesigns

5. Rustic Outdoor Lantern

Rustic Outdoor Lantern

You can create an outdoor light with absolutely anything, be it an old pot, a basket or clay pots. This idea here features a rustic looking outdoor light made from a pot which protects the bulbs from the outside weather and also gives a vintage vibe to the decor. You can paint the pot as per you choice or leave the natural texture.

Details :theartofdoingstuff

6. DIY Lights from Recycled Pallet

DIY Lights from Recycled Pallet

A few wooden boards can be worked up into a perfect rustic looking pallet which also provides a good amount of safety to the lighting inside, even in harsh weather. Along with the protection, the pallet also creates the disbersal of light in a softer manner and makes the tone of the light gorgeous.

Details : fiskars

7. Shuttlecock Lights Garland

Shuttlecock Lights Garland

If you are a badminton enthusiast, here comes a lighting idea that can be perfect for the outdoors of your house. The lighting garland is as easy to make as it is unique and cute. Just cover each light bulb in a string light with a shuttle and paint the shuttles with a variety of patterns and colors.

Details : makezine

8. Fairies in a Jar

Fairies in a Jar

If you were a fairytale lover in your childhood days then this idea is a must try for you as it will remind you of your fairytale memories. Just grab huge mason jars and fill them with tulle cloth of different colors. Pour the glow out of the glow stick in the jar and the jars will be ready with fairy lights to glow.

Details : thegoldjellybean

9. PVC Pipe Lights

PVC Pipe Lights

When it comes to lighting, a good lamp is always the choice for soft ambient lighting in a room, a porch or a backyard. A lamp made out of PVC pipes not only adds a serene glow but also brings out a nice touch of character. You just need to cut random shapes in the pipes and place the lights inside, your DIY beautiful lamp will be ready for shadow games.

Details : hometalk