18 Gorgeous Outdoor Lighting Ideas Adding So Much More Character to Your Space!

Lighting has got a vital role in celebrating the decor of your space and define an overall appeal to the same, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. A good outdoor lighting makes your house feel much alive and welcoming to one and all. To inspire you, here are 18 gorgeous outdoor lighting ideas that add a unique character to your home.

10. Wastebasket Pendant Light

Wastebasket Pendant Light

A little fusion is all it takes to create a unique piece of decor that is completely versatile. This lighting piece here requires just 10 minutes of your time and is as simple to make as it is pretty. The farmhouse appeal reflected by the light makes it even more special and gorgeous and you can always add more lights for better lighting.

Details : thekimsixfix

11.Outdoor Wood Marquee Letter

Outdoor Wood Marquee Letter

Bring a personal touch to your outdoor lighting by creating a special letter lighting which is completely easy to put together. All you got to do is get a wooden board and stain it for a more rustic appeal and attach light bulbs to the board. You can always make different shaped boards and paint them with a variety of colors.

Details : tatertotsandjello

12. Mason Jar Tiki Torches

Mason Jar Tiki Torches

While having a get together on a saturday night, mosquitos bothering you and your guests is the last thing you would want to happen. The best solution to keep them away is to just make these tiki torches that will be a good source of light and will help keep the mosquitos at bay.

Details : thefrugalhomemaker

13. Glowing Outdoor Orbs

Glowing Outdoor Orbs

Got that glass shades lying in a corner in your basement or store, you can transform them into beautiful glowing orbs that are perfect for landscape lighting as they shower the right ambient glow, just fill the glass shades with the mini string lights. You can place these orbs anywhere in your backyard or porch.

Details : theartofdoingstuff

14. Tin Can Lanterns

Tin Can Lanterns

Grab a bunch of old tin cans and make these beautiful lanterns that are perfect for a backyard party and for any outdoor setting. All you have to do to make these gorgeous pieces of decor is some old tin cans of different sizes, string lights and paints of your choice. Poke some designs in the cans and fill the cans with lights, display the cute lanterns in your backyard.

Details : eliseenghstudios

15. Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

Turn an everyday wine bottle into a modern and rustic tiki torch, which becomes the point of attention in your setting. Tiki torches are a great solution to combat the little buggers and also provides a good ambient lighting to the outdoors without much work. You can always put a variety of bottles for different looks.

Details : designsponge

16. Repurposing Hanging jar lanterns

Repurposing Hanging jar lanterns

This idea of hanging jar lanterns here is a completely cheap and easy way to shed some light for trick-or-treaters, or simply create a mood for nighttime porch sitting. One of the best features about this idea is that you don’t have to worry about the jars being tossed over by the wind as they will be perfectly intact in the railings.

Details : craftynest

17. Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern

Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern

Give an antique and vintage vibe to your backyard setting with these gorgeous and easy to make tuna can lanterns that come with a remarkable number of variations. You just have to attach the tuna can to an old stick and put a candle inside. You can cover the lantern with different options like a vase, a wine glass, etc.

Details : inmyownstyle

18. Mini Fabric Lamps

Mini Fabric Lamps

The idea here features really cute and adorable mini lamps that are quite easy and cheap to make, plus they lead to pretty beautiful results. You just have to cover some small cups with different fabric scraps and cover each light with one cup. These lights are perfect for any decor and can be put as a loaded chandelier as well.

Details : taylormadecreates

Subtle glowing candles or luxurious chandeliers, everything that the above outdoor lighting ideas include has got an unbeatable prettiness built within. It’s just a matter of your choices and whims to employ them outside your home to steal some glances.