20 Hanging Bathroom Storage Ideas Making the Most of the Wall Space!

Bathrooms have got their own bundle of items, personal care essentials and other supplies that call for a good amount of storage space. And sometimes, a small bathroom may not allow for having large cabinets installed for the purpose. The saviours are these hanging bathroom storage ideas that utilize the wall space with utmost splendour.

Hanging Bathroom Storage Ideas Making the Most of the Wall Space

1. A New Approach to Shelves

A New Approach to Shelves

When all the stuff is cluttered around the bathroom, you just wish for that perfect storage solution which can hold all your stuff easily. Here is the right option which can store all the items while taking a little amount of space in your bathroom. The IKEA bed base is transformed to an open shelf which features hooks to hang baskets and towels, etc.

Details : domino

2. Old Ladder to New Shelf

Old Ladder to New Shelf

Work up that old ladder and create an all new storage solution for your bathroom by just giving a little makeover to the ladder. Remove some of the bottom steps of the ladder and leave the top most steps that will become the holders for baskets and towels. You can paint the ladder as per the theme of your bathroom or leave it with the natural texture.

Details : averageinspired

3. Wall System Hanging Organizer

Wall System Hanging Organizer

Turn from the standing ladder idea and create a cute hanging ladder storage piece by attaching the ladder to a iron pipe with the help of S shaped hooks. This idea is space friendly as it occupies less space and provides good amount of storage space as you can alter the size of the ladder according to your need. Secure each step with a iron bar so the items do not fall off.

Details : ana-white

4. Make a Hanging Bathroom Shelf

Make a Hanging Bathroom Shelf

If you are a lover of the concept of hanging open shelves then this inspiration is a must try for you because this one is as easy to make as it is pretty. All you need are some wooden boards and a piece of rope. Join the wooden boards in the form of a ladder and tie the rope to the legs of the shelf. Stain the shelf in a color as per your requirement.

Details : shanty-2-chic

5. File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage

File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage

An innovative repurposing solution for an old file box is to transform it to an all new bathroom storage solution. You just need to get the file box and attach it to the bathroom wall where it is handy with the help of hooks. As in this inspiration, the file box can be used to keep hair appliances, toilet rolls, etc.

Details : dreamgreendiy

6. A Wall Full of Baskets

A Wall Full of Baskets

What can be a better storage solution than a wall full of baskets which also enhances the look of your bathroom wall making it super chic. You just need metal rods and a few beautiful baskets and some ribbons. Fasten the rods to the wall and tie the baskets with the help of ribbons to the rods and you have a unique storage space ready.

Details : simplydiy2.blogspot

7. Wire Shelf Rack With Hooks

Wire Shelf Rack With Hooks

The idea of minimalism always prevails and this piece here delivers just that perfectly. It combines the concept of a storage shelf as well as a hanging shelf as it features three storage sections that can be used to store bathroom items and four hooks at the bottom where you can hang baskets, bags and towels.

Details : notonthehighstreet

8. Window Box Bathroom Storage

Window Box Bathroom Storage

Get those unique wicker window boxes and create a space friendly storage solution for your bathroom. The window boxes being space efficient will require a little amount of wall space and provide a remarkable storage area to keep all your immediate bathroom items. You just need to attach the boxes with the help of hooks to the wall and your storage wall is ready.

Details : ourfifthhouse

9. DIY Storage Ladder

DIY Storage Ladder

Ladders are one of the most space efficient solutions for storage options as they occupy a little area and provide a lot of room for stuff than any other shelf or cabinet. Each step of the ladder can be used for a different purpose as some steps can be used for hanging towels and other ones can be used to hang baskets with stuff.

Details : cleanandscentsible

10. Ikea Containers Hanging on Towel Rods

Ikea Containers Hanging on Towel Rods

Make a hanging shelf with dedicated containers for different supplies that are cluttered all over the place so that you can easily find whatever you need in one place. You can choose the containers of varied sizes for different items as per your need and also alter the size of the rod so more containers can be attached.

Details : delightfulapples.blogspot