How to Make a Giant Yarn Blanket from Start to Finish!


A DIY knit throw blanket doesn’t only let you snuggle up in some wonderful warmth but also can be put together under a fraction of the cost that store-bought cozy blankets come for. Plus, the needle-free method is a whole lot of fun to accomplish, yielding end results worthy enough of grabbing you some rounds of applause.

How to Make a Giant Yarn Blanket from Start to Finish

Peony and Thyme shares the steps of working up the cozy knit throw blanket all by yourself through this awesome YouTube video tutorial. It’s amazing how you don’t need even a single tool to get it all done. Speaking of the supplies, all it takes is loads of soft wool yarn and you are good to go.

Oh yes, even if you have never tried knitting before, you can still build extraordinarily gorgeous throw blankets as you don’t need any expertise to make it the old-fashioned way – simply using your hands.

The tutorial begins with a lovely yarn that comes in a twisted form, wherein you untwist the yarn to end up in blanket that’s as chunky as possible. You need to grab the end piece of the yarn and make a loop and pull that string through, further pulling both the strings together to form a slipknot.

Next, you start building a chain and keep doing it until you get the desired width of the blanket. You need to leave the last loop and go to stitching backward by pulling the yarn up through it and creating another loop, continuing it all the way back in the other direction.

Repeating the steps yields the basic form of the blanket and now all you need to do is add more rows to the base form by pulling the yarn through the existing loops. How are you supposed to work up the strings and the loops to whip up the whole blanket would seem like a piece of cake when you check out the surprisingly easy process as explained by Peony and Thyme.

(Video and pictures via Peony and Thyme)

Once the whole blanket was built, the tutorial also shows how you can undo the stitches and rework them in a way that reduces the overall width of the blanket but results in a new piece of wonder that’s so much more cozier, warmer and thicker than the initial version.

How about making a bunch of such cozy throw blankets for yourself as well as to gift your friends and family this season? Not only does each huge blanket keep the wearer as comfy and snug as possible, but those large stitches on it the blanket an adorable edge over the regular blankets available out there.

Lastly, they are super convenient to stash just about anywhere – whether it’s the couch in the living room or the end of the bed. Let’s get knitting!