How to Build a Marvellous DIY Rustic Nightstands

Of course, the bed is the most catchy and significant part of the bedroom decor, but it can’t be complete without a set of matching nightstands installed on either sides of the structure. Let’s get crafting a homemade set of charmingly rustic DIY bedroom nightstands that hits all the right notes of beauty.

How to Build a Marvellous DIY Rustic Nightstands

Nightstands not only accomplish a finished appearance for the bed but also are super essential when it comes to keeping items you need before sleeping or during the night right next to you.

Whether it’s your favourite bunch of books that you like to read before hitting the bed, a pretty table lamp to add a subtle glow to the room while the lights go off, a tiny table-top planter for a dose of positive energy always being around, or an alarm clock that wakes you up every morning in order to celebrate the day ahead – a nightstand is what you need to store it all!

So Heather Moxie DIY is here to take you through an incredible hack to build your very own DIY rustic nightstands using something as readily available as wooden crates in an endearing farmhouse appeal, all through this amazing YouTube video tutorial that explains it all in detailed steps.

The credits to making the nightstands an extremely pocket-friendly deal goes to its building blocks that are repurposed wooden crates, and you won’t need to spend more than 30 dollars to get one finished nightstand in a picturesque vintage theme.

Apart from the wooden crates, you are going to need two 8ft 1X4s cut into 13in pieces, some liquid nails, a caulk gun, a nice paint or wood stain, a foam brush, a damp cloth, some brackets or screws, and a drill to replicate the project shared by Heather.

The surprisingly easy to make nightstands don’t require you to be a pro at woodworking as it comes with almost zero construction efforts – the secret actually lies in a simple placement and assembly of two crates.

DIY Bedroom Furniture – Rustic Nightstands

(Vide and pictures via Heather Moxie DIY)

Heather begins with coating the crates with a lovely Minwax Early American stain that makes the crates gloriously royal. Once the crates are dry, they are placed on the ground in an inverted fashion, attaching one side of each to one another with some liquid nails, a few screws and some brackets.

Turn the crates into a vertical arrangement, and you are all set to add the top to your nightstands-in-process. Apply more liquid nails to the now top of the structure, further placing slat-like wooden boards on the top and adhering them in place.

To make the top durable and weather-resistant, you add a coat of Minwax polycrylic and the nightstands are ready for storage once the coats get dry. Use the two sections of the nightstands to place storage bins or baskets, or simply keep your essential items inside the crates themselves.

The wooden making and the balanced hue of brown done on the nightstands makes them apt and appropriate for a variety of bedroom interiors, while their eversuccesful design allows them to work as office storage shelves or small storage solutions for the kid’s room!