How To Make a Rustic Desk with Drawers (from scratch)

Is your work desk the most significant piece of furniture to you? Even if you aren’t a workaholic, here’s a thing of sheer brilliance that would make just about anyone stay glued to the work desk – a gorgeous DIY Rustic Desk with Drawers flaunting a lovely combination of eye-catching hues!

How To Make a Rustic Desk with Drawers

The desk in itself, with those splashes of distressed blue, deep browns and natural light wood color is so amazing to look at. But the fact that it’s a handmade affair makes it much more worthy of stealing everyone’s breath away.

The extraordinary factor with this desk is its drawers that have found the most unconventional spot for themselves in the entire structure. Ditching the front of the table, the drawers are worked up on the sides, and are jazzed up with a totally unique idea of DIY drawer pulls. In other words, the drawers have got lovely white rope replacing any regular handles, making the construction climb new ladders of fantastic.

DIY Perks brings an incredible YouTube video tutorial to you, explaining how the work desk is constructed right from the very scratch with the help of thorough step-by-step instructions.

It’s amazing that you don’t need to be a connoiseur at woodworking to work the table up, that too without even going for any expensive or complicated tools. In fact, a saw and a drill are all that you need when it comes to the list of tools to get going. Grab some pieces of timber from the market and cut out some smaller individual pieces as explained in the tutorial.

The two table stands are worked up the first, having beautiful blue edges line the middle natural wood texture boards. The blocks that make up the edges are coated with paint and roughened up to achieve some pretty imperfections in the finished piece. Further they are fixed to the table-top that flaunts a dark brown tint.

DIY Rustic Desk with Drawers

(Video and pictures via DIY Perks)

What you assemble the last are the drawers inserted into the side cavities of the desk stands. Joining timber, screwing the pieces together, making some holes in the front of the drawers and inserting ropes into the same to tie knots and secure them in place is what the process calls for in crisp.

While most of the desk pays a tribute to a farmhouse vibe of decoration, the table top offers the much needed contrast to the whole making. The brown top flaunts a beautiful super glossy finish that’s brought by sanding it thoroughly and applying a few layers of transparent finish coat.

The sections with a lovely sea blue hue displayed by the wood are accompanied by a texture that creates an impression of the surface getting worn out over time, wherein the natural base of the wood is revealed on the edges and other random spots. Not only is it splendid on the grounds of beauty, but is also durable and sturdy in structure.

We are sure this one hit all the right notes when it comes to impressing you to the core!