Here’s How to Propagate your Own Moss and Add Bright Greens to Your Space!

Those bright green blankets of moss when placed in your garden amidst the other plants and florals make everything look absolutely stunning. Not to forget, it feels oh so soft on the feet, and that’s why you must check out how to propagate your own moss!

How to Propagate Your Own Moss

The fact that moss is not associated with any kind of pests or diseases, as well as doesn’t call for a great deal of maintenance is why homeowners love to adorn their space with this super healthy vegetation.

If you are looking to add some fresh autumn awesomeness to your garden, it’s a great idea to use some fresh moss as a ground cover. Another wonderful option is to adorn a terrarium or vivarium with those vibrant greens. Plus, it’s super easy to propagate with just a few steps and a bunch of supplies.

This super creative YouTube video tutorial by SerpaDesign takes you through the steps you need to follow to propagate your own moss. It’s all about gathering some moss from the forest and nearby gardens or simply order it online to get started with the project. Of course, you are also going to need some water to make your plant propagate and flourish.

You begin by filling a large container with water, further submerging the pieces of moss you collected in the water. This will not only remove the debris and insects hiding within the moss but also rehydrate it. Next, you grab an airtight plastic container and add a layer of gravel as a false bottom – about half an inch of gravel would work just perfect for the layer. It’s essential to separate the substrate from the false bottom – you can go for a fiberglass window screen, wire mesh or some landscape fabric.

Cut the mesh and place it right above the gravel layer in the container, further adding a purification layer which cleans the water as it passes down the bottom – you can go for some activated carbon or landfill charcoal. Further, you need to add the substrate layer which can be potting soil or dirt.

How to Propagate Your Own Moss

(Video and pictures via SerpaDesign)

Head to the video to get a deeper insight into the project, while also getting some quick tips and tricks to make things work. And it will work magically well to yield a healthy, insect-free and bright growth of moss!

To make sure you keep the moss from sticking to the substrate, mist the surface of the substrate lightly. Now fill another container with fresh water and transfer the moss into the same, repeating the process until the water is clean.

Now comes the most interesting part, wherein you line the substrate in the container with moss but you don’t need to bury it in the substrate. Placing a few different varieties of moss will bring out an element of vividness, further watering the same to keep things fresh and growing. For an extra touch of cool, you can also add spring tales or isopods.

Add a light bulb above the moss container, watering them frequently to make sure the moss never turns dry, and voila!