24 Incredible Easter Egg Decorating Ideas that Are About Sheer Creativity!

There’s no end to getting vivid and creative when it comes to working up stunning Easter eggs. Sprucing them up with bright colours or pulling off interesting patterns or embellishments on them adds so much more charm to the festival. To get that done even better, below is a list of fabulous Easter egg decorating ideas for you!

Incredible Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

1. Instagram-Worthy Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Instagram-Worthy Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Those random spots of gorgeous gold leaf make the base hues of these Easter eggs oh so amazing to look at. The leafing process is as easy to do as it’s luxurious. You need foam block, toothpicks, white eggs, food coloring, vinegar, heat proof jars, metal spoon and leafing kit.

DIY Details : sheknows

2. Marbled Easter Eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs

Tasting no different from regular hard boiled eggs, these cuties flaunt a lovely marble effect on the outside.  And the patterns are worked up with a clever use of liquid food coloring. Other stuff you need is water, white vinegar, and sandwich bags.

DIY Details : momluck

3. Make Sparkly Dot Easter Eggs

Make Sparkly Dot Easter Eggs

How those tiny polka dots painted on these Easter eggs sparkle is definitely a sight to watch. While this one has glitter, the author also shares a kid friendly version that uses decorative sugar. Making small dots over the eggs with a pencil or pen is followed by applying the zots.

DIY Details : domestifluff

4. DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs Tutorial

DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs Tutorial

Transform eggs into amazingly adorable unicorns this Easter season with just a handful of steps. That golden glittery horn and and the colorful pastel hued flowers that go for the decor are oh so pretty. Plus, the facial features with a marker are to die for.

DIY Details : publiclivessecretrecipes

5. Beautiful Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

Beautiful Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

Ranging from stunning shades and natural dying patterns of blue, pink, yellow, brown, purple and so many more colors – this tutorial takes you through the whole process of beautifying Easter eggs. You will learn what all elements of nature, including leaves, flowers and berries lead to the end colors.

DIY Details : shiftingroots

6. Egg Like Copper

Egg Like Copper

Taking a glimpse of this egg decor, who wouldn’t call it a faux copper one? Actually, it’s all a work of some creativity – all you need to do is give some goose eggs a copper spray in lovely ombre. The eggs are tied with copper yarn, plus are covered in a guinea fowl feather.

DIY Details : bumblebee-hill.blogspot

7. Feather Easter Eggs

Feather Easter Eggs

The combination of feathers and eggs works wonders to bring this Easter decor to life. The project uses reusable faux Easter eggs and some greyscale themed feathers. You need to paste down the feather using some modge podge, applying a second coat after it dries.

DIY Details : frugalmomeh

8. Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Decorating

Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Decorating

The kind of end effect that these eggs flaunt simply doesn’t look like it was something as simple as neon nail polish that gets it all done. You are going to need some hard-boiled eggs, some neon nail polish, a bowl or cup, some water, toothpicks, gloves, a blacklight and UV safety glasses.

DIY Details : growingajeweledrose

9. Tie Dye Easter Eggs Using Paper Towels

Tie Dye Easter Eggs Using Paper Towels

Tie dye technique casts its magical spell on some hard boiled eggs when they are wrapped in tissue paper. Simply put drops of food coloring on the tissue when it’s tied around the egg, letting it stay in place for some time. Finally, unwrap the tissue and witness the gorgeous final effect on the shell.

DIY Details : onelittleproject

10. Botanical Easter Eggs

Botanical Easter Eggs

Allow the eggs to celebrate the glory of nature with stunning florals painted on each of them, ending up in a botanical theme Easter! The black backdrop of the eggs makes the flowers and leaves pop out with utmost prettiness. Just a little bit of artistic skills is all it takes!

DIY Details : thehousethatlarsbuilt

11. DIY Easter Foliage Eggs

DIY Easter Foliage Eggs

You are going to fall in love with the pretty spring blossoms and that bright green foliage worked up on these eggs. Just a matter of 10 minutes and a handful of simple supplies is all you need. It includes watered down craft glue, foliage and blossoms, hard boiled eggs, and a paint brush.

DIY Details : sayyes

12. DIY Pineapple Easter Eggs

DIY Pineapple Easter Eggs

Are these Easter eggs or cute pineapples that look absolutely fruitylicious and juicy. Some yellow craft paint goes for the base of these little pineapples, while the leaves are nothing but easy to make green cardstock paper cutouts. Also grab a hot glue gun, scissors and a brush.

DIY Details : studiodiy

13. DIY Marbled Indigo Eggs

DIY Marbled Indigo Eggs

The whole marbling technique here is pulled off with some indigo nail polish. And the fact that only one paint is used here for all the eggs brings out a monochromatic setting. You also need faux eggs, plastic container, gloves, water, stick, drying holder, and nail polish remover.

DIY Details : aliceandlois

14. Ombre Easter Eggs

Ombre Easter Eggs

You can never go wrong with some vibrant bright colors when it comes to Easter egg assemblies. But it all looks even more marvelous when it’s all done in a subtle ombre. To achieve that, you place the eggs in the carton with the larger bottom up and spray the color lightly.

DIY Details : thecraftedlife

15. Silk Dyed Eggs Aka Tied Eggs

Silk Dyed Eggs Aka Tied Eggs

How about getting a little intricate with the designs you work up on those eggs this time? Sporting gorgeous patterns, prints and hues in an oh so natural style, these eggs are all about tying patterned silk cloth around them and subjecting them to some water and vinegar.

DIY Details : ourbestbites

16. Mosaic Easter Eggs

Mosaic Easter Eggs

The kids would have a total blast while making these mosaic Easter eggs that call for some clever shell piece placing on the surface of the eggs. You are going to need some water, some vinegar, some food coloring dye, some elmer’s glue and of course, eggs to get started.

DIY Details : sugarandcharm

17. Paint Splattered Easter Eggs

Paint Splattered Easter Eggs

Taking a nice paint blob in the paintbrush and letting it turn into pretty splatters was a fun-filled childhood activity. Get engaged in the same once again this season to create some super cute Easter eggs. You need blown out and dried white eggs, paints, a brush and a plastic bottle cap.

DIY Details : squirrellyminds

18. Make it Yourself : Chalkboard Eggs

Make it Yourself : Chalkboard Eggs

The fact that these eggs let you jot down a cute message on them makes them not a decorative item alone, but also a wonderful gifting solution for Easter. The DIY nest on which the eggs are placed are made with two different types of twines that make them beautifully rustic.

DIY Details : we-are-scout

19. DIY Tropical Leaf Easter Eggs

DIY Tropical Leaf Easter Eggs

We totally adore these tropical leaf Easter eggs that are adorned with patterns of lovely leaves. Plus, they go for a combination of soft pink and green at the same time. It’s actually a work of some printable templates, some white tissue paper, tape, mod podge and cardstock.

DIY Details : ohsobeautifulpaper

20. Calligraphed Eggs DIY

Calligraphed Eggs DIY

This tutorial by Oh Happy Day not only takes you through a cool tutorial to make calligraphed eggs, but also offers free templates to bring them to life. The prints are brought to the surface of the eggs using some tattoo paper and a wet paper towel.

DIY Details : ohhappyday

21. Striped Eggs

Striped Eggs

No less than pieces of extraordinaire, these striped Easter eggs are charmed up by the pearl finish paint. And the fact that these are blown out egg shells makes them last for as long as a year. What you are going to need is a small square cardboard box, a corkscrew tip, a wooden skewer, adhesive putty, and a paintbrush.

DIY Details : urbancomfort.typepad

22. Confetti Easter Eggs

Confetti Easter Eggs

One of the coolest Easter egg decorating ideas, these confetti pretties shared by Oh Joy are going to steal everyone’s breath away at the festive dinner. Once you have coated the eggs with nice hues of your choice, it’s time to add the confetti on them using the traditional mod podge technique.

DI Details : ohjoy.blogs

23. Flower Easter Eggs

Flower Easter Eggs

Grab a few basic items, mainly some study flowers like daisies, a pair or two of stockings, a few hard boiled eggs, and dye to get started with these.  The colors – minty green, hot pink, violet blue and marigold yellow are all a DIY affair using some water, vinegar and food coloring.

DIY Details : freutcake

24. Blue and White Paper Napkin Eggs

Blue and White Paper Napkin Eggs

Are these eggs or classic-looking porcelain china beauties. It’s all done by decoupaging paper napkins to craft eggs.  To make them last long, use white craft eggs, while the other stuff includes decoupage matte, a paintbrush and a pair of scissors.

DIY Details : purelykatie

Are you a fan of ombre? The above list of Easter egg decorating ideas has you covered. Can’t get enough of florals? Or simply love a dose of glitter or random colour designs – the answer still lies above.