14 Incredible Easter Porch Decor Ideas Dressing up The Space with Some Happiness!

The prerequisite for a happy Easter is a happy ambiance in and around the house. To welcome one and all with some happy vibes, get the porch adorned with some spring magic this season. Check out these incredible Easter porch decor inspirations that we have gathered for you, ranging from pretty wreaths and colorful embellishments.


Incredible Easter Porch Decor Ideas1. Farmhouse Spring Porch

Farmhouse Spring Porch

An amalgamation of loads of burlap, pops of bright white and some galvanized accents – this Easter porch decor is meant for those who believe in Less is More. The most special part is a burlap bag filled with faux grass and white eggs, while a little bunny stands on the side. You’ll love the Happy Easter hanging.

DIY Details : confessionsofaplateaddict.blogspot

2. Front Porch Spring Vignette

Front Porch Spring Vignette

An antique wooden chair with a distressed weathered texture forms the focal point for this front porch vignette, getting its Easter touches from a large faux rabbit sitting on the chair. Next to the bunny are terra cotta planters looking all unkempt, having a SPRING banner attached to the back of the chair.

DIY Details : pin.it

3. A little Easter Decorating On The Front Porch

A little Easter Decorating On The Front Porch

A large galvanized wash tub makes the perfect Easter next when placed on the front porch, just like that old vintage wooden berry crate – both the pretties are loaded with loads of hay and Easter eggs. That old rusty bucket with flowers is splendid, so is the front door wreath with more eggs.

DIY Details : littlebrags.blogspot

4. Easter Egg Topiary Tree

Easter Egg Topiary Tree

Christmas trees are an age old phenomenon – however, an Easter tree sounds surely out of the box. This Easter egg topiary tree calls for some decorated blown eggs, a styrofoam cone, green Spanish moss, terra cotta flower pot, floral pins, floral foam, knife, scissors, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, and a ribbon.

DIY Details : creativeleecrafted.wordpress

5. Dresser and Barn Gate Easter Porch

Dresser and Barn Gate Easter Porch

The foundation for this magnificent Easter porch decor is a large wooden dresser that’s coated with white and treated with a weathered finish. Resting above the dresser is a barn gate with shutters, which has got a chicken and rooster print in the foreground. An old berry crate is filled with colorful eggs.

DIY Details : sugarpiefarmhouse

6.Pastel Meets Bright in 2 Spring Bunny Lanterns

Pastel Meets Bright in 2 Spring Bunny Lanterns

Made up entirely out of pretty hydrangeas, two bunnies are placed inside beautiful glass lanterns. Lettuce leaves, lots of faux grass and some floral picks go for the extra embellishments, while a ribbon bow handle is added to the top of the lanterns. A bunch of carrots forms the front door decor.

DIY Details : theseasonalhome

7. Fairytale Easter Porch Decor

Fairytale Easter Porch Decor

Travel to the fairytale of Alice in Wonderland the moment you step onto this front porch. Everything here, ranging from the paper mache bunnies to giant gerbera daisies, the oval shaped wreath with loads of flowers, and another faux bunny look absolutely magical when assembled together.

DIY Details : adventuresofabusybee