19 Ultra Innovative Garage Organization Ideas That are Versatile and Super Functional!

Getting the garage space organized and ditching all that clutter is synonymous to a dream come true. But these ultra innovative garage organization ideas that are versatile and super functional will let you have everything stylishly arranged, while leaving enough room to give way to your creative tasks and construction projects.

Ultra Innovative Garage Organization Ideas

1. DIY Garage Storage Cabinets

DIY Garage Storage Cabinets

Give any store bought cabinet costing hundreds of dollars a run for its money with this set of garage storage cabinets that are a do-it-yourself affair, and have got enough room to keep all the different-sized stuff lying in your garage that you can think of. And that’s all because of the heavy duty and sturdy structure they come with. You begin by framing up the floor, further making each individual locker area customized with different heights according to the items, including the equipments, construction supplies and more that you intend to keep in each of them. Once the edges are rightly sealed to protect the cabinets from all kinds of pests and moisture, you coat the frame and the doors of the cabinet with a nice hue of paint, and voila!

Idea Details : sugarbeecrafts

2. Garage Towers

Garage Towers

Save a huge amount of floor space for larger items and functionality by making the most of vertical wall storage – all with these incredible garage storage towers. Costing for just a deal of 50 dollars each, the garage towers are much more sturdier and purposeful than the regular plastic ones. The eight feet tall towers feature several shelves that will fit plastic bins just perfect. The basic frame is quite like two large wooden ladders joined together with smaller individual shelf frames and lots of screws. Get your hands on the detailed tutorial shared by Bower Power Blog to learn the steps of construction with great visual instructions. Leave the towers with a natural wood texture or you can always add your choice of wood stain to add more perfection to the structure.

Idea Details : bowerpowerblog

3. Cordless Drill Storage – Charging Station

Cordless Drill Storage – Charging Station

Here’s a super clever piece of storage that also comes with great deal of utility. Hanging on your garage wall, this one takes too less of space for the kind of functionality it comes with. It’s a 5 dock cordless drill storage that also features an amazing battery charging station in one single wall-mounted structure. Now you can easily corral all the drills, battery chargers and batteries at one well-organized spot. To make the storage even more efficient, you have also got a drawer that lets you keep all the drill bits and other stuff. You need a few pieces of plywood, a precise wood cut list, some screws, a wood glue, sandpaper, and a drawer pull. Adding a surge protector or power strip is another option to customize the station.

Idea Details : hertoolbelt

4. DIY Portable Lumber Rack Plans

DIY Portable Lumber Rack Plans

Incorporate a super portable and equally chic to look at system into your garage space that will hold all those pieces of lumber that you need for your construction and DIY projects. This totally do-it-yourself portable lumber rack features a cool triangular shape, coupled up with tiny wheels at the bottom that make it easy to roll around to wherever you are working. The tools you need include a pocket hole jig, a drill, a miter saw, a tape measure, pencil, safety glasses, a hearing protection, casters, kreg pocket hole screws, and some wood screws. Check out the steps and the wood working plans that help you forge the rack at home with surprising ease. The idea is to attach ladders with a cart frame at the bottom and a square-frame top rack.

Idea Details : rogueengineer

5. Garage Organization – How to Install a Pegboard

Garage Organization - How to Install a Pegboard

Something as simple to build as a peg board will go a very long way in assisting you when it comes to keeping your garage organized. This inspiration by Remodel and Olacasa removes everything from an old bench and pegboard, working them up in an all new style – and the end results? A board that not only displays all the tools, equipment and other garage stuff while keeping them managed, but also nice wall-mounted storage shelves that will help you keep the nitty gritty items in individual plastic bins. You need a pegboard sheet, a wood cut list as specified in the tutorial, and lastly, some screws to attach the different components together and further mount them to the wall. Smaller cubbies on the wall shelves will hold all the paint and stain cans oh so nicely.

Idea Details : remodelandolacasa

6. DIY Folding Bench

DIY Folding Bench

With so much to keep and store in the limited space, the garage often doesn’t allow accomodation for a work bench. However, some projects definitely call for a comfortable work table – and this DIY folding bench is exactly what they need. The best part about the bench is that when you are not using it, you can simply fold down the table flat against the wall. The supplies required include a hollow-core door, a front rail pine, a mounting cleat pine, leg blocks, lots of pocketholes or wood screws, butt hinges, screws, folding leg or flap brackets, some Fischer wall plugs, spirit level, a drill, kreg pockethole jig, orbital sander, a tape measure and pencil. Learn the steps of construction in the below tutorial by Home Dzine.

Idea Details : home-dzine

7. Hold Everything Tool Rack

Hold Everything Tool Rack

The title rightly justifies the functionality of this rack as it will beautifully house almost all your garage tools with dedicated shelves, hooks and special hanging brackets flaunted throughout the structure. The base of the rack is wooden slats fastened to a frame, that gets more and more stiff with the addition of slats. Now what makes the rack ready to hang the tools is smaller shelves that are hooked to the slats, designed for holding different sized tools according to their categories and purpose. Right from the screwdrivers to pliers, miter saws and hammers to heavy wood working tools, there’s nothing that you can’t arrange on this compact yet amazing garage. The versatile hangers and easy slat construction is explained in the below tutorial shared by Popular Woodworking.

Idea Details : popularwoodworking

8. DIY Cleaning Storage Tower

DIY Cleaning Storage Tower

This cleaning storage tower that you can whip up at home right from the very scratch is not just user-friendly, but equally sturdy, serving the purpose of storing all your cleaning supplies and similar stuff at one spot. Whether it’s those simple brooms and mops, or heavy items including vacuum cleaners, buckets and other cleaning solutions. The tower comes with dedicated space for paper towels, all those tissues, beach supplies and coolers. You will love the industrial appeal of the metal connectors and the durability of the Simpson Strong Tie hardware that’s used to build the unit. The Rigid Tie Connectors make the assembly of the whole piece super easy – all you need to do is insert the three 2×4 pieces and screw in place and the connectors will hold the lumber together square and strong.

Idea Details : jaimecostiglio

9. DIY Crate Cabinet with Sliding Drawers

DIY Crate Cabinet with Sliding Drawers

Not only is this inspiration a serious case of repurposing, but such an impressive and cool-looking piece of storage that we find quite rare. To define the crate cabinet better, it comes with a fine framework that’s worked up with wooden slats in a vertical cuboidal fashion. What the framework holds is a number of smaller wood crates that serve the purpose of drawers. The wood crate drawers are super convenient to slide out enough to provide you with full access to the insides of the crates. Apart from the crates, you need wood planks, Oak veneer plyboard, tape, drawer slides,miter saw, circular saw, kreg pocket hole jig, drill, hammer, clamps, clamping square, metal woodworking rule, wood glue, finishing nails, and deck screws. Learn the steps as explained by Virginia Sweet Pea.

Idea Details : virginiasweetpea

10. Pallet Wood Wall Rack for Coats, Hats and Storage

Pallet Wood Wall Rack for Coats, Hats and Storage

The author here puts an old pallet that was lying around the house to wonderful use, transforming it into this awesome wall rack that hangs all the coats and hats in style. Only one side of the lower half of the pallet is used, further removing all the boards from the top half and setting aside. The bottom of the pallet board is open, while one of the leftover pallet pieces is cut to size, and nailed into the space to form a box. The final piece is not only stained with a lovely hue, but also sanded to make it smooth, lastly, applying a fine layer of wax atop the surface to make it get a glossy finish. You add coat hooks to the front to hang hats, while the gloves can fit inside the open section. 2 D-ring hangers attached on the back of the rack would make it all hang-ready on the wall.

Idea Details : knickoftime