Last Minute DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Already Christmas eve and you haven’t got time to pull off the decorations yet? You can still make the whole house scream ‘jingle bells’ out loud. Because you have got some breathtakingly awesome last-minute Christmas decoration ideas coming to your rescue.

Last Minute DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

One wouldn’t even imagine that an ultra-rich wreath for Christmas can be built with a regular clothes hanger. But the first idea in the video exhibits it just right. Just stretch the hanger to get a circular shape, open the hook of the same and it instantly turns into the frame of a marvellous wreath.

Grab lots and lots of assorted Christmas ornaments, including glittery, glossy and pastels – getting varied with the sizes and colors of the pretties. You need to string the ornaments into the hanger one by one until you get a thick, rich-looking wreath that you can further finish up with a large ribbon bow and hang on the front door.

Extraordinary snow globes come to life, serving the purpose of candlestands at the same time to yield a lovely centerpiece. Mason jar lids can work as the base assemblies of trees, tiny snowmen, tea-light candles, faux snow and more – placing inverted wine glasses above the same, and voila! The inverted bases of the glasses form the perfect candlestands form colorful Christmas ones.

How about having a bunch of plastic straws as a picturesque tree-topper for Xmas? All it takes is a zip tie that goes around the center of the bunch, forming a spherical structure that looks like a magical explosion.

Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas | DIY Ideas Without Going Broke by Blossom

(Video and pictures via Blossom)

Tiny cupcake Christmas tree ornaments are totally worthy of falling in love with. A foam ball coated in glue is dipped in lots of bright white glitter snow sprinkles and topped with a faux berry, further adding a string loop and it’s all set to adorn the tree.

Repurpose all those small glass jars and bottles into festive lanterns in just a few steps. Wrap some twine around the jar in a random fashion, going for a coat of white spray paint on the surface and removing the string. Place a tealight candle inside the jar and you instantly have mini lanterns sporting pretty patterns through the light.

The video also got an idea to trick the guests when you serve them plants for dessert! Actually, those faux plants assembled in glasses are nothing but a one-of-a-kind dessert that has got rock candy at the bottom, topped with chocolate cake crumbs that creates an illusion of dirt. A mixture of candy melts and marshmallows is shaped into the leaves of the plant which is finally placed above the cake crumbs.

Mentioned above are just a handful of the whole bundle of inspirations showcased by the video shared by Blossom, each of which are a totally must-not-miss affair. So, if you are checking it out even on the 25th of December, you can pull them off like a true piece of cake.